OT: The 7th Guest

Anyone played this?

No, but it isn’t nice to call someone a mustard butt :rofl:

I remember the title, but I’m not sure if that’s because I played it or my dad played it. I’m helpful, I know. :roll:

YES! I love that game! I don’t think I can make it run on my new computer, though. :verysad:

Yup! I love that game but could never get past the maze in the basement so I gave up.


I’ve never heard of it. What is it? :shrug:

7th Guest is an older game. The basic idea was that you were in a haunted house, and you had to solve puzzles and games to unlock the story of what happened in it. It was a lot of fun, but I’ll admit to having to use the puzzle solving function to get at least one puzzle that I can remember. It was the one dealing with the colored bacteria.

Chel, I don’t know if you’d be tempted to go back to trying it out, but if you get really, really stuck on a puzzle, you can read the hint book in the library twice, and it will solve the puzzle for you. It’ll let you move forward, but you won’t get to see the scene that would go with it.

I don’t think most XP computers can run it anymore, since I think it was dos based. I tried playing the sequel to it, 11th Hour, but couldn’t even get it to start up.

Ahhh okay. I’m doing a lesson in my class that uses the game’s theme music, and I wanted to be able to explain what the game was about to my kids if they asked. Now I want to play it though, but I have XP :grrr:

It may be possible to play 7th guest on XP, I never actually tried installing it. I’ve heard that you can download the dos program needed, but again, I haven’t tried doing this.

Oooh, I played that years ago–it’s really fun!! I love puzzle games!

Hey! Did you play Alice yet???

I totally thought it said “The 7th Gusset”

If it makes you feel better, you’re not the only one. :doh:

OMG :shock: can you imagine a sock with 7 gussets!!! You’d have to be a REAL freak of nature to wear something like that!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I did get the 7th Guest to run on my last computer, which did have XP, although I don’t remember how I did it. I haven’t tried with the new computer I got a month or so ago. If I get bored enough, I’ll mess with it and let you know.

Anyone played Phantasmagoria? That is my all-time favorite game. I wonder if I could get that to run on the new computer. Shivers was a good game, too.

No. :pout:

Stoooopid classes. I do have a looooooong weekend ahead, so I plan to get some gaming in! And knitting…maybe I should try a sock with 7 guessets! :rofl: