OT - Tennis, Anyone?

A bit of fun.

It is, but now my hand is tired!
Does this count as exercise? :?? :roflhard:

That’s addictive :shock:

Fun, addictive and HARD!

That’s REALLY hard! THe damned thing is TOO BOUNCY!! :doh:

:rofling: I am not good at that game at all :wall:

yeah after i realized i had no abiliity to keep it from bouncing on the ground i decided that it was a stupid game and it would give me carpal tunnel anyway! hmph! :wall:

Like the pin ball without knocking bricks off.

It’s even harder when you’re not using a mouse! :gah:

that’s what i was thinking. it doesn’t work at all with a touchpad…

there’s a version with two balls here. www.ballsmacker.com
I’ve never gotten over 12.

I couldn’t get over 2 on the tennis one without my mouse…

GAH!!! :wall:


I only got 13 before giving up. (and passing it on in email - heh)

GAH! I can’t get over 6 at this one!

Good, it’s not just me that’s not very good at it! :rofling:

I have no life…I got 40!!

Winner and champeen!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:pout: I was all excited about getting 10 then I saw ‘Bubba’ 40!!! :thud:

My high score is…

4 :oops:


2 here! :!!!:

Yeah, both of those games really suck :roflhard: :rofling: They are too bouncy and I have no hand/eye coordination :wall: