OT - Telenovelas

Does anyone here watch telenovelas? I have been addicted for about 10 years, ever since I lived in Mexico for a year in college. Viuda de Blanco just ended Friday and I am looking for a new one. The one that took that timeslot doesn’t look very entertaining. Any recommendations? I should have started watching Zorro when it came out a few weeks ago, I hate to come in late. But I hate not having a novela more than I hate being late to one :slight_smile:

I speak absolutely no Spanish - I took German in high school and use it to sing Stille Nacht once a year - but my college roommate (who also spoke no Spanish) and I watched one and tried to figure out what was going on. There was one with a really cute little girl and a woman who had matching outfits and wigs (turquoise, white, pink, etc.).

Ugly Betty’s the closest I come to watching telenovelas. :teehee: They’re always watching them, and Ugly Betty’s a bit of a comical soap opera.

A dead dude just came back as a chick. :rofl:

Carita de Angel! That character was Tia Pelucas, “Aunt Wigs”. They never explained why she wore them though. I totally watched that one, in fact, I have a funny story about it. It was on for TEN months, five days a week at like 7pm. This was in the days before TiVo, so I recorded it on the VCR. My husband HATES that I watch novelas because I don’t pay attention to him while they are on. I watched the ENTIRE show, never missed an episode, 100% without his knowledge. At some point we moved, and he did notice that the VCR was still recording at 7pm, but he didn’t put 2 and 2 together (that if I unplugged the VCR for the move, I must have re-programmed it in our new place).

After the show ended and I was on to the next one, one night he said, “Boy, I’m sure glad you stopped watching Mexican soap operas. It was ruining our relationship”. I almost died laughing, and of course came clean about the whole thing. He was pretty shocked (but fortunately not mad). Since then, I have been “open” with him about my addiction :slight_smile:

I love Ugly Betty (DH is the one who turned me on to it!); I really wish I’d seen the original. I remember it being on, I was just watching something else and never got into it.

I grew up in Mexico, so I grew up with them…with two exceptions I really can’t stand them :wall:

HanAku, which two did you like? I know they are ridiculous and if I had grown up with them I would probably hate them too! Its like when people from other countries LOVE Baywatch, lol.