OT- Taxes

How many of you are still doing your taxes? I have to pay A LOT to both state and federal so I’m going to the bank later to get money orders for them. Rather do that than pay with a check. Damn, I hate tax season!

i finally stopped grumbling and just did them on Sunday. I haven’t sent in my payment yet to the Federal Govt though. I am protesting until monday! it is the only time i get irritated with not being married with children and all that…i can’t help but feel like us single folk get the shaft!

but as my darling CPA friend reminds me…i should be happy that I make enough money that I have to pay in! :rollseyes: (yeah it doesn’t work when his cute little self says it either!)

Taxes are the PITS!! When I was expecting my first child (my son), my due date was April 15th. I couldn’t imagine a worse fate than having tax day as his birthday!! Luckily I was almost 2 weeks late, so he dodged the bullet. BTW, he’ll be 15 at the end of the month…time flies!


Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 09:23 AM
Taxpayer Name: BRENDA J S
Status: Nebraska Electronic Return Accepted

Just got that in my E-mail…it’s big of them to accept it considering they have already cashed my check (it would have gone out late on Monday and it is already through my bank today!) :rollseyes:

yeah we owe this year, first time ever for both us of. mailing the check this weekend. :frowning:

My son’s birthday is on April 15th. He came at 11:55am, almost made April 16th!! He is almost 11 and always tell everybody, my birthday is on tax day!! He thinks this is cool, just wait he won’t be happy in the next 15 years!!! :smiley:

My taxes were done a month ago - but I am still finishing up for the family and of course, spending every waking moment at work doing people’s taxes who have put it off until the last minute.

Steenkin taxes!

We did ours in January and fortunately we got money back this year! :cheering: Hasn’t always been that way though… paying sucks! :frowning:

I procrastinate whenever there is no doubt we have to pay in. why should they get more of my money sooner than they need to? besides… FILING is the biggest thing to do. one year we just didn’t plan and didn’t have the cash on hand so we filed and just made a few payments. they’ll send you a bill, no worries about that.
where i feel we get the raw end of the deal is we have nothing to itemize or deduct… no kids… although someday we will, why pump out a kid just to get a deduction? one of my gal friends (who thinks she is super mom-long story for another day) always tells me how great that extra money is for having kids, i basically am sick of hearing her flap her yap about it that i finally told her that 30 bucks every three months is a H3LL of a lot cheeper in the long run! :roflhard:

That’s my mom’s birthday. :lol:
When I was finally old enough to really understand what it meant to have to deal with taxes, I gave her the hardest time about it. I guess that’s part of the reason she’s always been very vigilant about getting her taxes taken care of as early as possible? :rofling:

I finally bit the bullet and took care of mine yesterday. Thank goodness I only have to worry about Federal taxes, though. Yay Florida! :thumbsup: (I never thought I’d be saying those words together… :roflhard:) Thankfully, we’re getting a little bit back this year instead of having to pay. It makes the ordeal of filing sting a little less.

I do my taxes as soon as I possibly can, so it has been done for months. It is the property tax that is killing me! Our loan doesn’t pay it so we have to and it comes right at Christmas. Uggg!