OT: Taking a leave of absence

First of all, thank you all for making me comfortable sharing my knitting online and being so nice and supportive.

That lead to the following project that I mentioned a few times before:


It’s fun, I hope it will grow and become a real community blog. It allows me to collaborate with people both online and IRL, and it’s something I really missed being a SAHM. But it takes a lot of time as any start-up project.

If I am not able to post here regularly or comment on your beautiful knitting, that would be the reason.

However, if you take interest in charitable knitting, you can sign up and recieve blog updates. Some of the posts will be about local knitterly needs and news but there will be an occasional pattern or two, and hopefully lots of knitting photos.

Thanks again, and see you around!

Ohhh we are going to miss you! I hope you can still visit sometimes! I do knit for charity so I’ll check your blog. :hug:

I’m so happy that your project is doing well. I wish you every success with it and will certainly follow the blog to keep in touch. All the very best to you and your charity organization.

Didn’t really get to know you, but I do wish you well!

It seems like you’ve got lots on your plate, so it’s a wonder you even have time to . . . eat . . . and . . . sleep . . . . (and how you even have time to think about KH is a wonder to me).

I hope you can check in every now and then, but if not, we know how to find you (ha ha ha–evil laugh–no wait, that’s not necessary).

We’ll miss you! All the best in your new venture! :hug:

Aw, thanks guys! Antares, you crack me up as always :slight_smile:

I am not dissapearing completely, of course, but you know it used to be design-knit-take pictures-edit-post-reply and then check all your projects, read all comments and maybe poke around some Ravelry profiles? I just won’t have time to be an active forum member, you know?

But if I knit something entertaining and have pictures taken, I will post it here, I promise :slight_smile:

Oh that baby on your site is precious! I know a boy who has Shaken Baby Syndrome. He’ll never neurologically recover. He’s 16, but he looks & acts like he’s 9-12. He has many challenges. His father is legally removed from his life, but will always be there in the form of the results of his actions.

Thank you for helping the Period of Purple Crying Program educate parents & prevent SBS.

We will miss seeing you on a regular basis! :grphug: However, I certainly understand how our daily schedule of activities have to be reasonable!

You will be sorely missed, Olha! The Halifax Charity Knitters are lucky to have you. I’m sure your talents will be greatly appreciated by many.

Your blog is attractive, appealing, and very informative.

Much luck in your endeavors! :thumbsup: