OT: Suzanne Somers Diet

Hey all,

I found a little bit of info on this from searching the forum, but I was wondering if any of you that have worked with the food plan had done Atkins diet in the past and could give me like comparison opinions. I can’t do Atkins because of my GI disorders, but this Somers thing sounds similar, but not so similar that I would have the same trouble… I’m awaiting a shipment of some books from a friend so I could read up on it more, but would love some opinions/success stories!


Hi. I know very little about this diet but my aunt and uncle had great success with it. My aunt swears by a Sommersize support group on that home site here is a link : SS suport
I am sure they would be happy to answer any questions and help with meal ideas!
Good luck!

I have three of Suzanne’s books on the diet. The thing which makes her’s different is you canNOT combine certain foods such as protein with a carb. I’m sure you can buy a book on Amazon all about it.

I did this diet. It was good, you just have to make sure that you get the books so you can follow it exactly. There are strict rules of what foods can’t be eaten together or within a certain time of each other. Its similar to the South Beach Diet because there are limited carbs that you can eat.

thanks a bunch! a coworker out of state shipped me a crapload of her books, but i’m not sure which ones yet and she has already told me i’m going to need like the “bible” one that really goes over the do’s and don’t’s. will have to check them out in person to see which one that is as we couldn’t decide.

i think i’m going to give it a whirl though! (can i just say I’m ashamed to be excited about a diet put out by Crissy from Three’s Company? :wink: There is no dig intended there, I just can’t help but giggle about that.)

I am getting ready to start the seratonin diet which sounds the same as this, in regards to proteins and carbs eaten at different times. Its supposed to combat the winter blahs and lethargic feeling you can get. The menus look yummy and do-able.

HI! I lost 25 pounds with just one of her books that I got from the library. I have to admit, after about 2 years, I put weight back on but not 25 Lbs. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 sometimes 6 in a month. You definitely should try it. Even if after a month or so, well she says it, you can cheat once in a while and have some mashed potatoes and gravy and french fries, as long as you don’t do it often. It’s a very good way to eat, she’s absolutely right.

Keeping the sugar away when you eat your meals, eat fruit all by itself in the middle of the day… bread too, alone. It’s not that difficult. Good luck.
Oh, p.s. I also joined a gym and worked out. That’s very important! (she says that too)

Where can I see more info about this?

I always get the winter blahs and I’m having a serious issue with feeling lethargic all the time.