OT: Sunsilk Hair products

Has anyone used Sunsilk? I keep seeing the commercials and I’m interested… But I am totally a shampoo whore, I have bottles and bottles and bottles of it sigh… do I need to try another product?

You’ll get lots of opinions, but frankly I don’t see too big a difference in shampoos. 20 yrs ago there was more, but most of them are pretty good now, even the cheaper ones. (I’m a former hairdresser)Tell yourself you have to finish at least one other bottle before you buy a new one.

gasp finish a bottle?!?!!

(bed head… that’s the way to go! smelllllllsssssss yummmmmmy!)

I use their leave-in conditioner stuff. It works really well at controlling frizzies (good for my curly mop.) I tried the shampoo but wasn’t too ‘wowed’ by it.

I’m a pantene snob. It makes my hair feel great. I use the clarifying shampoo to combat my hard water and their moisturizing conditioner.

Can’t speak much for the range you guys have over there… but personally, I’m not a fan of Sunsilk.

I have very curly hair, and it just doesn’t work.

I really like it. I bought the defrizz one and it works for me. I love the way it makes my hair feel and smell.

You know, I’m glad you posted this. I am currently using this shampoo and conditioner, and I’m not really impressed with it, and I thought maybe it was just me. I have naturally curly hair and I color it, so it can be quite dry. I don’t tend to use salon products because of the price, so I keep trying out new drugstore brands. The only one that I’ve found that I really like is Dove’s, but everybody’s got different hair types/textures, so what works for one might not work for another.

I have tried many shampoos & conditioners. I used Patene to Paul Mitchell. I finally found one I like. It was recommeded to me buy a former co-worker. It’s called Nature’s Gate Organics. I use Lemongrass & Clary Sage Volumizing shampoo & conditioner. I have very thick hair with some natural wave to it. My hair dresser told me to use volumizing products so it doesn’t get weighed down. I have been very impressed with this product. I am actually able to get pretty cheap (at least I think it’s cheap $3.99 a bottle compared to the $6.99 they want for it in the stores) by ordering it online. Call me a snob, I love Paul Mitchell’s Thicken Up liquid and Farouk’s Silk Therapy. :teehee:

I have tons of bottles of shampoo too… my mom always teases me on the selection I have… been wondering about it too but haven’t tried it… I know one shampoo I didn’t like at all was Dove… I was so disappointed… I have fine oily hair and I’d wash it in the morning and by afternoon needed it again… and I bought the shampoo for my hair… I was hoping it work good cause I like thier campagins for real women… Herbal Essences is what I use mostly and Amplifier but I forget who puts it out maybe Redken?

Well, I almost bought some sunsilk today, but HOLY CRAP i can’t believe allt he stuff in the shampoo aisle!!! I ended up not buying anything, because it was like sensory overload. I did notice that sunsilk had a “teaser pack” that had sample sizes of the shampoo, conditioner, creme and something else, which was the same price as one of the regular bottles of shampoo or conditioner. Unfortunately, they only had the purple kind at the store, and I know I don’t need that one. I’m torn between anti-poof and frizz control.

Anyway, I checked the website and you can order free samples, so that’s what I did. :happydance:

:waving: Another shampoo whore over here!

I use Dove, too. It makes my hair really soft and it smells so good, it makes me want to spend some quality time with myself. :eyebrow:

The leave-in conditioner that GimmeSanity mentioned sounds interesting, though. :thinking:

I wonder what the anti-poof is like. I have straight hair but it’s poofy. I don’t like it. I wish sometimes I could just have FLAT hair!!! :teehee:

I have problems with fly away hair, I tried the frizz free shampoo and also the straight and sleek or something like that and they did nothing, I am using baby shampoo at the moment and it is working amazing, making my hair so soft, its still a little fly away but not as bad…

I tried the shampoo for curly/frizzy hair…

It made my hair feel like straw :pout:

I am currently trying the new Herbal Essance line they came out with… and love it.

I have big curls that are frizzy, so even though I am curly girl, I use almost all straightening prodcuts. Right now I am using Vive. I have used ALOT of salon products and like someone said before, there just isn’t as big a difference anymore. BAck in the day, the cheap shampoos used really harsh ingredients that were very different than the expensive ones. But that has all changed now. Shampoo I am not that picky about. But post shampoo styling products is where I have a TON. And depending on what kind of hair day, I use different ones.

I am so happy right now, I went and had my hair cut and the color touched up (WAY too much grey for me, she said I am maybe 60% grey right now and I am not even 40 yet! :!!!: ), anyway she said my hair is very healthy, maybe the healthiest hair she has seen in a while! The best thing is I am not using professional products, I am using Pantene Restoratives Frizz Control! It is nice knowing that I do not have to buy the expensive stuff for my hair to be halfway nice.

I havent… but I have to say that the new Herbal essences “None of your frizziness” works perfect for me… might try Sunsilk next time…