OT: sunburn

So I know better. I’m sure that we all do. But here comes July 4th and an opportunity to lounge around in a pool for a few hours. What do I do? i decide that i’d like to get some sun and i purposefully don’t put on sunscreen.

S T U P I D ! ! ! :doh:

I’m still hurting.
At least nobody else can tell how stupid i was since it’s all hidden by my shirt (face didn’t get burnt at all).

:heart: :heart: Oh, sunburn is horrible! Slather on the aloe vera, and take something for the ‘fever’.

ooooch! You’re not sunburned on your palms, are you??? Hopefully you can still knit!

:roflhard: Thankfully, my palms are ok! Knitting is still perfectly attainable. :smiley:


My 8-year-old daughter went to the beach a week ago with a friend. I put sunscreen on her before she left. I sent the bottle with her and told her to ask the mother to put some more on her after a couple of hours. My daughter is blond and as pale as the driven snow. Unfortunately, the mother was too busy socializing to pay attention, and my daughter AND her friend came home totally burned. I was livid. Oh well, live and learn, right?

Anyway, I hope you have something soothing to put on that burn, and I hope it heals quickly. And, like Hilde said, all is not lost if you can still knit! LOL

I always keep a live aloe vera plant.
My kids hate the gooyness of it when I break open a leaf, but there is Nothing Like It, for soothing a burn. Any burn, be it kitchen, sun, or other.

Also stops itching of any kind, insect, sunburn healing, every itch known.
I’ve found that the Aloe mixed in lotions and such are nothing compared to the Real Deal.

Live Aloe Rocks.

I find that a good vitamin E cream with aloe in it is great for helping it heal quickly and not peel quite so much, also helps with the itch of the drying skin. If you can find one that isn’t oily, all the better. My favorite is Fruit of the Earth - Vitamin E Cream, I get it at my local drug store and use it as my daily moisturizer also. But I do have to concur that live aloe is great for burns, cuts and everything else, but it might desimate your plant if you have a really bad burn.

I always feel badly when I have to go clipping on mine. Although I will tell you that I have had great success replanting offshoots. I must have three pots now of it, and one of those has about five babies almost ready to break out into new life of their very own. Horticulture with love.

Vitamin E is great too. :thumbsup: