OT: Suggestions needed

I just found out that my grandmother has had a stroke and is now in the hospital. She will be allright and has minimal damage (thank god!) but will have to stay there under observation for 2 more weeks. I would like to mail her a care package I am just not sure what to add. I was thinking that I could knit her a shawl with big needles and doubled yarn to make it go fast but I would like to add a few other things I am just not really sure what I should add. candy is out of the question because she is diabetic. I am thinking of adding a little something for my grandpa as well. Any ideas would be very appreciated!


If she likes fragrance, how about some nice soap and lotion to match? Skin gets dry in hospital. There are candies that diabetics may have, but my DH finds they go on through! So unless you know that, maybe not. Plain tea cookies might please them both. Does she read? I like your shawl idea. Sorry I don’t have many suggestions, but hope these help some. My wishes for your grandmother’s recovery! samm

I’m sorry to hear about your grandma, but, thank God that there will be minimal damage. My aunt had a stroke several months ago & she’s always complaining of cold feet. I think the shawl is a wonderful idea. I’ve been in hospital so many times…I can tell you what makes me comfy: real pillows (the hospital pillows are awful), an afghan from home (I always take my Wizard of Oz one :smiley: ), reading material, lotion…definitely nice lotion & toiletries :thinking: nice pj’s and/or robe, sodas in a bottle so that they don’t go flat (not sure what she could drink, though), pictures from home (pics of your family so that she can see ya’ll while in hospital). That’s all I can think of off of the top of my head.
Thought of another…whatever type of diabetic snacks that she can eat, already in ziploc bags so that they are easy to get to & keep fresh.

I’m sorry to read about your grandma and hope she recovers quickly…

I love the shawl idea… what about some bedsocks most hospitals stay on the cool side… you might be able to send her a book or if she loves working puzzles a book of them… most hospitals now have vcrs in the rooms so maybe find that out and then send her a favorite movie… I’m sure she will love anything you send and appreciate it… keep us updated on how she is… :heart:

If she has poor vision and has difficulty reading, how about some books on tape or CD? Or jigsaw puzzles if she can see well enough to do them.

I’m so sorry about your grandma! :heart: The shawl is a good idea. Diabetics sometimes have circulation problems in their feet… what about some warm, soft socks? They could probably be made in worsted so that they’d be thicker and cushier (is that word?), too.

I’m sorry about your grandmother’s stroke.

You already have been given so many good ideas.

How about some herbal tea bags? Peppermint helps digestion, might be needed with hospital food :wink: A variety might be nice.

A nice long newsy letter to read.

slipper socks… fast to make and warm :slight_smile:

Some new photos of you and yours for her to show the nurses.

Raw nut mix could be for her or your grandfather.

Does your grandfather do crosswords? May be something to occupy his time there if he does when he’s waiting for her to get out of pt or such.

Maybe a good read aloud book that your grandfather could read to her.

Change for parking, vending machines, etc.

Mama Bear

These are all great suggestions, especially the lotion. I recommend Eucerin. It isn;t fragrant, but it’s very good for diabetics feet. Keeps them supple.

I worked two years as a stroke nurse and in stroke research. If you have any questions or want to talk, I’m just a PM away. :heart: I am glad that her stroke wasn’t debilitating.

I had a similar situation a few months ago with my grandma. :heart:

Here are my suggestions:

one of the new cards that play music when you open them


pictures that the kids have drawn

the beautiful shawl that you are thinking of knitting!

I’m glad that your grandma is okay. You are a thoughtful granddaughter!!

:heart: :heart: :smiley:

It’s the 2nd anniversary of my stroke. Got out of the hospital just in time for my birthday. Bed socks are great as well as an extra blanket. Don’t know if there is chocolate available for diabetics, but I would have loved some chocolate. Some fresh fruit would be nice, too.

Hope your grandmother recovers as well as I did. Still have slight numbness in my right hand. Took about 3 or 4 months to walk without a cane. Had the stroke in May and drove by myself to Florida in early October.

Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes all! I am working on the shawl an got her slippers, chapstick, lotion, and a country cd for my Grandpa. My dad is going to take everything but the shawl to grandma tomorrow Shes in Missouri) and I am going to mail the shawl when it is done (amazing how fast it can go on size 19 needles and three strands of yarn :shock: ) Anyway I have been up to late working on it so I need my bed. Hugs to everybody! :heart:


Fingerless gloves are good too, she will still have her fingers free to du stuff, but her hands can be warm

just a thought