OT: Stupid question

I am sorry…I have been revisiting after a bit of time away from the boards…
I am sure it is explained somewhere…but what happened to the Off Topic Board?

It got merged with General Knitting…


Demonica is right!

By merging OT into General, more visitors can join in. Before “the merge”, OT wasn’t visible to ‘visitors’. Now more people can join in on the party! Yay! Now we don’t have to scroll waaay down to OT to see what folks are talking about outside of knitting! Yay!

There are additional mergers forthcoming, with the purpose of making Knitting Help Forums more
"user friendly", and less complicated!

All of us Mods are behind Amy and Sheldon on this plan! There will be additional forthcoming new features at KH! Stay tuned! You will love them!

I like OT being back in General Knitting !