OT: stupid cold bug

Long story short, I’m visiting my boyfriend in Denver, CO…we’ve gone snowshoeing in the Rocky Mtn Nat. Park, had the van break down at Bear Lake park (luckily a ranger showed up and called for a tow.) Day we got back “home” BF and I started exhibiting ominous symptoms, him, sneezing/congested, me relentless scratchy throat. Probably didn’t help when we went for a 7 mile / 11 km walk hehe.

Had to take Nyquil two nights in a row, blah.

Not to mention two days before I flew here I tripped running to catch a bus to go to class and got bad road rash on my right hand, bruised/chewed left knee, road rash on elbow blah blah. Turned out I actually sprained the heck out of my pinkie finger, still annoying me today. If they handed out awards for being Top Klutz, I would win. :roflhard:

Oh, I also got 54 out of 100 on my first Archaeology midterm…thought I did ok on it, too. Wrong! :rofl:

I’m impressed that you managed the hike. Being sick is the pits. Rest up & I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks Abby, I’m too stubborn to rest argh. I keep cooking/baking/doing dishes etc, plus walking. Sniffsniff. lol

I hope you feel better soon! I understand about the test, as that happened to me a time or two on first tests in classes in college. All will be better soon. Hang in there!

Poor Abby!

There is really nothing you can do for a virus but drink tons of fluids. It works on several levels, but you lose a lot of fluid through sneezing and coughing and this replenishes you so you can flush the virus through your system once your immune system has beat it up and sent it on its way.

I’ve found, through the years that tea with honey and lemon helps the throat so much better than anything you can buy at the pharmacy. Chicken Noodle soup works miracles, believe it or not. I really need to find a link to the study they ran eons back that proved it does, too, work. :wink:

Get better so you can enjoy your holiday.

Thanks, Angela. I know about tea/honey/lemon. I made soup from scratch for us too. (We’re vegetarians though…)

Oh, I hadn’t thought of vegetarianism… sorry… I’m Texan, we don’t do all veggies.

Even so, and I found this out during Lent a few years back when I gave up meat, and not just on Fridays. A good veggie soup (using my garden veggies) with a strong tomato base can work miracles as well. I have a DD who swears by tomato soup as a cure for everything but acne.

Bean soup is always good, whether you have a cold or not. Get well soon.

You’re such a sweetie, Angela.

My soup recipe (from my friend.)


put water in a pot (lots)

Green onion
yellow onion
celery + celery leaves
spices/herbs (whatever you like.)

simmer until the veggies are mushy:

drain the veggies out of the stock, save the stock!

Put the stock back in the pot

Put in potatoes/sweet potatoes(yams)/barley/rice/peas/whatever you like.

Eat :slight_smile:

I’m making chicken soup for dinner because my husband is under the weather. Winter is the pits for colds, flu & just plain no sunlight blahs.

I’m vaccinated against regular flu and H1N1 via my college due to my Asthma, but colds = fail. My sinuses are going nuts today from the weather change here in Denver…or something. It was below freezing yesterday, 12C now, that’s uh 50 something F I think. Achoo! I took a Zyrtech.