OT - stressed out

My apologies…I need to vent…

So, my BF’s in the Air Force.

He’s a Staff Sargeant/Aviation Technician that works on the B1-Lancer.
He doesn’t deploy for long periods of time, but he does deploy once a year. He spends the better part of each year overseas, and just enough time back home to say hi and prepare for the next deployment.

He left at the end of January, with a projected return of mid August.

Couple weeks ago, he and his buddies where killing time, goofing around during a break and he fell the wrong way. Accidents happen, it’s not like he was trying to get maimed or anything.

At first they told him it was a hyperextended knee, gave him a pair of crutches first, then allowed him to hobble around a bit wearing a knee brace.
THEN…they did an MRI…and let him hobble and put a bit of weight on his leg.

THEN…another MRI…and it turns out that the knee’s broken. He’s got a bone fragment already moved into his leg.
So they’re shipping him off to Germany to put in two screws and a metal plate on it.

I know assessments can’t be done when the body part is too swollen up but why in :!!!: did they release him to put weight on his leg before doing an assessment!!

I’m also on the lookout for another job.

I work as a CNA and between poor staffing on part of our supervisor and snotty RN’s (my apologies to any RN’s here, but there’s some out there that treat us worse than the hired help) I’m at the end of my chain.

Five years have been enough in this job for me. And last saturday I think I hurt my back transferring a patient. It doesn’t hurt terribly, it just “doesn’t feel right”.

I put in an application at the local library (I worked as a library assistant in Mexico for 8 years) and they did call me back, but my school schedule conflicted with their work schedule so I didn’t get it :pout:
15 dlls./hr in a job I can do with my eyes closed and it slips through my fingers :verysad:

That’s kinda stupid. Hope his knee gets better soon, and good luck finding a new job! :angelgrin:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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Nadja xxx


That totally bites!!!

I hope it all gets resolved ok for you guys!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

I’m so sorry to hear about his knee.

My daughter hurt her knee in December while playing soccer. She had ACL reconstruction surgery in February.

I have to say that initial MRIs can be very tricky. There is so much swelling in the knee that it’s hard to see things inside. Even with minimal swelling, such as what my daughter had, it’s still hard to see everything inside the knee because it is such a complex part of your body.

I hope he heals quickly and that your search for a new job is fruitful.

hugs and a warm cup of tea for you and get well wished for you BF… knees can be tricky- hope all goes well… MKZ

As a former service member I can relate. Stuff happens and medical care is iffy at best. That’s just the way it is. He knows that and you probably know that too.

Good luck on the new job.

:hug: :hug: to all of you.

I made an appointment with a chiropractor for tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out what’s going on with my back.

My Mom reminded me that it’s also due to the fact that I’ll be turning 30 next year and I’ve spent the last 5 lifting people :shifty:

Robert (bf) is a 6’4" guy, who’s not fat, but is of big-bone-football-player build, so his current weight’s gonna wreak havoc on his knee for a while (his dad’s had two knee surgeries already, same problem).

Mason: Yeah, I’ve encountered the joys of military health care before.
As a psychologist, CNA and future nurse it sort of rubs me the wrong way when I see people in this profession not doing their job right. I get that way at work too. We had a guy that came in for recovery after loosing his leg in a motorcycle accident.
He had a 2.5 inch skin tear on his nape that was the result of the people at the hospital not relieving pressure off his head routinely. Those of us who took care of him at the nursing home were very pissed off about it.

I am an RN, and I have worked home health, Nursing homes, and hospitals
its really horrific to see how many patients come BACK from hospitals with bedsores that they never had at the nursing homes
now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple Nursing homes that have such bad care people get bed sores from the lack of care there

but the hospitals have a ratio that is really only suited to healthier population, and the Nurses that make skin care a focus are written up for neglecting things like meds, treatments, Labwork or Paperwork

it Stinks

there are many good hospitals
and many good RNs
but the bad ones tend to stand out and make life MUCh harder for the rest of us enough its hard to remember them

Don’t kill the messenger
this is my opinion from my experiences


I apologize if I came through as a nurse hater. It wasn’t my intention. The last week added another load of stress to an already big pile and bad healthcare tiped it over.

I’ve met plenty of good RN’s and as an aide I know how hard is to keep up with an entire hall of residents that require care and will sometimes ask for stuff at exactly the same time.

I’ve also worked with aides I would’ve loved to strangle and as a ‘newbie’ in the trade I made mistakes that would’ve had people wishing to strangle me. Live and learn (and always check the O2 tanks… :hiding: …I really got yelled at for that one).

I’m doing my best to get through school and become a decent RN someday :pray:

sorry about your boyfriend… sometime we just had to have six sense… and do things ourselves not to trust professional too much … a few years ago i know there is something wrong with my stomach… i went to a specialist and she insist that there is nothing wrong with it and wanted to write me some medicine to take home… but i insisted that i do a EGD to see anything wrong inside…guess what i had H. Pylori and my stomach lining was eroded badly by acid reflux !!!

do what is right for you … if your job stink…it time to move on … we should not be ill-treated by others … i hope the best for your boyfriend and hope u get a nice job soon ! GOOD LUCK :heart:

I hope everything works out for you!! I know how it is when there’s just too much in your head to deal with it all. How did the chiropractor appointment go today? How’s BF doing today?


Just came back from the chiropractor.

The back pain, she says is result of strain, and one of the reasons why it hasn’t healed was found when she asked me lie down on my stomach.

I’m crooked :shock:
Apparently my pelvis was about 25 degrees off center, which made one of my legs shorter than the other.
Much bone cracking, pulling and massaging later it feels a bit better.
Sore from the adjusting, yes, but there’s improvement.