OT-Stranded with Cash Peters...gone?

This is OT but I just love this show, and they cancelled it! :wall: :!!!: I am not sure how many of you watched it but it was on the Travel Channel. What they did was they flew him somewhere, he did not know where he was and he had no money. It was interesting to see him figure out where he was, and then figure out how to eat and where to sleep. He always did though, it always astounded me that there were people out there that would feed him and house him for the night, could you do something like that for a complete stranger? The real funny part was his British sense of humor, he said the funniest things, stuff that we think and might not say. But he did and I never saw anyone on the show (the locals of whatever area he was in), I never saw them get insulted. I mean, with all these reality shows, this was a breath of fresh air for us.

Well, I found out that they had cancelled the show for some crazy reason. So I went to his site and saw that I could email him, I heard that he always emails back and he did, in less than a day! I mentioned that his show was one of the only ones we both liked, and maybe taking the show to another network. Well this is what he wrote:

"That’s very nice of you to write and say that, and so encouraging. I’m glad you enjoyed Stranded. I confess, I was a bit bummed out when they cancelled it. We were just getting into our stride.

As for taking it to another network…although the idea was mine, Travel Channel owns the show, and I don’t think they’d appreciate seeing it go elsewhere, especially as it’s being shown right now on some Hispanic network they’ve just started.

Many people have expressed how baffling and misguided they thought Pat’s decision was (I assume you wrote to the head guy, pat_younge@discovery.com) but he did mention bringing me back to the channel at some point, so all may not be lost. In the meantime there are discussions going on with other networks, so something will happen soon, I’m sure.

Thanks again for being so supportive. I really appreciate it.

All the best to you and your husband,


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I just got done emailing the guy who cancelled the show! This is the closest I have even gotten to a famous person and to have him email me back so fast, very cool! :cheering: :woohoo:

Ok, I’,m done now…

I loved that show, his comments were hysterical. I love the one time where he got stranded in Mexico at the tequila factory and told the guy the tequila tasted like “jet fuel”. :roflhard: