OT: Stick blender recommendations?

Does anyone have a stick blender that they really love? We had a cheap one for a little bit, but it died. I keep looking at soup recipes that call for blending part of the soup and then returning it to the pot, and the idea of dragging out the regular blender for that doesn’t appeal… so if anyone has any thoughts, I’d be grateful! Thanks!

I’m not much help personally, but here are some sites with hand-held blender ratings.


I think we have a cheap $10 also, but it doesn’t get used very often (usually just to delumpify gravy or white sauce! LOL). I know that at my last fiber guild meeting, we made soap, and someone brought a brand new cheap one to mix the soap, and the blender didn’t even last the whole batch!

Thanks! :smiley:

I have a basic Braun one (not the professional model) that works great. Cost about $25-35, I think.

Yes! I have a recommendation. I spent more time than I’d like to admit researching blenders last year and ended up choosing the braun multiquick professional (the cheaper one with the plastic shaft). The attachments make it really versatile, and we’ve had no problems with it all. In fact, we’ve been using it almost every morning this summer to make smoothies for breakfast. I got a pretty good deal on ebay, much less than the amazon price.

I have one by GE that I love. I use it frequently. Have never been sorry I got it. It has attachments that includes a cup for chopping onions, etc. It didn’t cost more than $25…actually think it was $20.

I have a GE too… only about $20. It came with a chopping attachment and a cup for making smoothies/milkshakes. I use it everyday at the moment for making smoothies in the morning (my best way for getting anti-oxidants since i don’t like blueberries unless they’re blended into something!)

I’m really happy with mine. I bought it for soups but use it mostly for drinks… Oh and i used it the other day for chopping a big bunch of herbs since it cleans so easily (unlike my mini-processor)


This is the one I have - the Braun MultiQuick. I have used it on a variety of soups and it has worked great. I have also used the mini-chopper attachment on nuts, herbs and bread (to make crumbs) and been very pleased with its performance.

I’ve never had one of those…they look pretty cool!

We have a Thunder Stick – you know, the one from the infomercial :roflhard: – and it totally rocks! :thumbsup: My MIL shares my infomercial fascination and bought it for me. :smiley: Ours is the regular one, not the pro model, and I use it all the time. Especially now that my kids are vocal enough to complain about vegetables in their spaghetti sauce…it totally obscures the onions and peppers, right there in the crock pot. :thumbsup:

If by any chance you can find one of the “Cooks Essentials’” stick blender sets, I think they’re the best. I have one I bought on closeout from the Chef’s Catalog website a couple of years ago. It is a true a multi-tasker, beside being a stick blender it has attachments for being a hand held mixer, and whisk(and it works great), a mini chopper, and even has a container with it’s own blades to function like a traditional blender. Oh yeah, it also came with a beaker for blending salad dressings and that kind of stuff. I use it all the time. I paid $19.99, including all the attachments, it did cost way more than that, around $70.00 before they put it on closeout. They sold out quickly, but you might get lucky and find one on ebay if you’re interested. I wore out a couple of other brands before I got this one, about one every couple of years, but this one is a real workhorse, I hope I never wear it out.

Thank you all for your comments! Hmmm… maybe we’ll get one this weekend… :thinking: