OT: starting at McDonald's tonight!

Starting my first job @ McDonald’s tonight. I’m kind of excited but kind of nervous!! What were your first jobs? experiences? :muah:

Well if I don’t include walking beans (which was forced labor that I was paid for :smiley: ) and babysitting then I would go with the movie theatre. Did the concession stand, video rentals, and ticket sales. Small town theatre. I LOVED it. Even after I quit there I still spent lots of time hanging out there and talking with the people I worked with. Free movies, soda, and popcorn, and video rentals… what more could a teenager ask for?

gosh, must be a small-town thing to work at the movie theatre! that was my first ‘real’ job as well, outside of babysitting and catching crickets (which my parents paid us a nickel to capture and release outside… again, small-town thing, i think…)

ETA: good luck on your first day!!! what will your role be?

:cheering: Congrats!!

Well beside babysitting… I would help out at a river rafting place that my friend’s family owned… nothing like scrubbing out dirty ol’ river buses :rofl:

My first job was handing out shirts and shoes to plebes (that’s the newbies at the Naval Academy). I was jealous that I got stuck on t-shirts and my two friends got jock-strap duty! :roflhard: :roflhard:
We think it’s funny that the Naval Academy hires a bunch of high school girls for two weeks every summer to do this. Mostly it’s funny because the plebes, who were older than us, had to call us “ma’am” as we gave them their underwear. :teehee:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

My first job was teaching electric bass and guitar lessons.

My first “real” job was working as a tire buster, later moving on to mechanic. At least as far as the mechanic work went, we usually went onsite to work – usually on work large trucks/semis . Really odd hours too; lots of places wanted their trucks worked on at night, after normal-people hours.

Being an 18 year old girl, I had to be twice as good to be thought half as compentent. That got old real quick. Dudes, it’s a vagina; not a learning disability. (Can I say that w/o getting in trouble?) :wall:

Hmmm… I guess my very first job would be babysitting and at one point I stuffed newspapers for a few months. My first REAL job I guess would be hairdresser.


My first job was Dunkin Donuts when I was 15. It was boring, I smelled like coffee and donuts all the time :ick: (I like both, but smelling like them is ick), the uniform was scratchy, and the counter was positioned so that in the afternoon, the setting sun was in my eyes.

Oh, and my manager stole our tip money.

At the age of 15 I worked at the lunch/soda fountain counter in a local drugstore for $.50 an hour and had to mop the floor for the entire store at closing time (guess that really dates me, lol). Babysitting for the same pay was much easier…didn’t have to clean the house - just pick up after the kids and myself. Soon as I got my license, I moved up to working at Tastee Freeze for $1.25 per hour.

besides babysitting, my first job was as a waitress at a retirement home. It wasn’t quite a nursing home because most of the people that lived there were completely independent. I actually worked there for 2 years! It was fun sometimes because it was all high school kids, and hell the other times when others took everything way too seriously.

My first job was working in a haunted house…I dressed up as a scary dead zombie and jumped out at people… :teehee:

My first job was making subs at Subway… I hated smelling like a sandwich all the time!

First real job was working for the state at a Park, giving tours for Pawnee Bill’s Museum…I learned about FICA… and hated it, lol

wow… ok really feel old now…( just going to hobble over w/ my cane and sit in rocking chair…) gezzzz was it really that long ago? I was 15… no comment on how long that has been…

I worked at the video/photo store in town when I was 14. I worked there until I was 19. Free movie rentals and photo developing- it wasnt too bad.

Enjoy McDonald’s !! Believe it or not that was my first job too (other than babysitting). We were living in Utah at the time and the legal work age was 14 so I got the job at McD’s the day school let out in 9th grade. I really got the job b/c that summer my parents were flying me to visit my best friend in Hawaii and I needed spending money so I only worked there for one summer then we moved. (yes, I am a Navy brat)

For what’s worth I really enjoyed the Golden Arches - keep in mind this was 17 yrs ago - I worked early morning on the drive thru.

The best part - if my drawer was balanced at the end of my shift I got a free ice cream cone - WOOHOO. and I still love McD’s ice cream.

Hey a fellow Mickie D’er… haha.

My first job aside from babysitting my very first job was with McDonald’s when I was 15. I won’t lie. I HATED it. But only because of one perticular manager… I quit after 3 months because I didn’t need the job I just wanted one and after 3 months of crying going in and crying leaving because of the ass hole, I just didn’t want to work anymore.

I ended up 3 years later, getting another job with McDonald’s but at a different store. Turns out EVERYONE hates and loathes and detests the store I had started with. And the store I ended up at was amazing. I loved the people and my job too. The people make all the difference.

I have since decided to stay with the company. I transferred to another store in my city that had a full time position available and I couldn’t be happier. (I even met my fiance there!)

Will you be working Service or Kitchen? I have done both, and I HATTTTTED service… but I am not much of a people person. Working in kitchen is soooo much fun. (tho you have to get used to the minor burns you inevitably get)

I hope your first job experience is a whole lot better than mine. It’s always depending on the people you work with because they create the work environment… I hope they are great!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Paid: Cashier at a thrift store. Did translations and jewelry sorting when I was off the register. Then came CNA, Cook and CNA again.

Unpaid jobs: library assistant and while doing my practice: psyche ward, therapist and working with abused and abandoned children.

I worked the front cash register tonight!! :wall: It was very confusing at first, but after a bit, I understood alot! :happydance:

I was going to mention, my second job was at a McDonald’s…I kept it for five days. They trained me for two hours, then left me on counter alone when three buses came in. After my fourth shift, one of the managers informed me that I would not get paid because they had no record of hiring me. I never did end up getting any money. :-x
But, I’ve known a bunch of people that have worked there (that store, even) with no problems. My friend enjoyed it! I’m much happier in a job where I don’t have to talk to the public. :teehee: I’m sure that says a lot.

haha, that’s why I much prefer doing Kitchen or Maintenance. Especially maintenance because I don’t talk to anyone I don’t want to.

I enjoyed working the register at first, but my natural hermit-ness shone through eventually and I started to really dislike it.