OT.....Spring "ground cover" what is it?

Hi all…hey all your gardeners out there…Happy Spring…I posted this “weird” looking ground cover last year, and some said it was some sort of spice…it’s really “leafy” with crazy tubular flowers underneath…what is it? cause it’s back like mad…

ginger? I have it in my yard too, and I think that’s what someone told me it was (although it looks like no ginger I’ve ever seen when it flowers. more like, violets.)

Cheley & Moni Dew, I have something similar that’s a wild violet. Where do your plants grow - sun, shade, under trees etc.? What’s the true color of the blossom & when does it bloom - a particular season or all summer? My plants have a more pointy leaf and yours are more crenate. Simple test - dig up a root and look at it and taste it - I didn’t say eat it, just smell and taste it. Maybe just crush some leaves and smell that. If it’s ginger you’ll know it.
I suspect it’s one of the many wild, “native” flowers. Check and see if you have a local ag extension office and send them a leaf and see if they can identify it. Next test, look online for wild ginger. Next, find someone who is into native plants on their property. They might give you some info. That’s all I’ve got. I can’t give a definitive answer without more info and I certainly don’t wish to give bad info.

Cheley…I think what you have is called Dollar Weed. I found this article:
I have them I my yard, too, and they will take over if you don’t get them under control.

This is what I have…don’t know where it came from…but it is very interesting…

That is a really interesting plant. I have never heard of it and it looks like it doesn’t grow here in NM.

although the leaves on mine are very similar - the flowers are completely different. must be a totally different plant! (oops! sorry about the misdirect! YIKES!)

My flowers look like deep purple violets and only appear in early spring. Mine grows in a part sun/part shade spot. And they spread - like crazy!

I get that here in PA, too, and I’m pretty sure it’s a weed. Whatever it is, it grows and grows and grows and takes over like crazy. Mine don’t flower, and the leaves are much bigger than the similar-looking leaves on violets. Dig deep to get all the roots out!

FYI- You should NEVER NEVER put an unknown plant part in your mouth. It is better to find out what it is before resorting to tasting. Some of them can be very poisonous.

Yep! Wild Ginger…I have it too, particularly in deeply shaded areas…
Did you get your Moonflower seeds yet???

Yes I did…:muah: whaaay to cold here to plant em!!! Gonna wait till middle/or late May to be safe…I’ll send yours out soon as it stops raining here!!! Thanks so much…again