OT---Spring Garden

Hi all you gardeners…just wanted to share a pic of my gorgeous Clematis…not sure of what type, I just know that “she” is around 6 years old and I never ever trim/cut any vines…this is the first year I have such beatuful blooms…enjoy:hug:

She IS a real beauty and clematis is one of my personal favorites…seems that everyone’s are doing well this year!

Very nice!!

Nice!! I really love all types of Clematis:cheering: :yay:
let’s see if I can get the pictures to load again


It’s very pretty!

Thank you…your marvelous seeds are in there…

What a beautiful garden! Fix us some tea…on my way! LOL!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

That is Nelly Mosser. It grows on old wood. You need a trellis or arbor because it is a vine. I love mine.

I love your garden! I’m an avid gardener and I’m in the process of building a rose arbor in the middle of my “spacious” backyard. Which really means it’s too huge to do much but subdivide it into smaller areas and “garden rooms”.

I have a book on cottage gardens and will be working designing those this summer to prepare the beds come fall when I do my bulb planting. I’m always thinking a couple of seasons ahead. The only thing I do more than gardening is knitting :aww:

Gorgeous gardens! I am so busy knitting that I don’t have time to garden at all. Our poor yard is completely empty.