OT sorta - Taking Photos of Knitted Items

Without going into too much detail, I finally have a chance to have one of my sock patterns printed. I need to submit the finished pattern and an ‘artistic photograph’ of the item by October 15th. I’m so not a photographer so I have no idea of what would be considered artistic or anything like that. Specifically I’m supposed to shoot in a “picturesque way (out in
nature, or modelled by an attractive friend/relative/collegue/self, or in a
well-styled indoor setting)”. I am not going to submit a pic of myself or any other person wearing the socks, so I’m looking for something out in nature but ideas are needed. Please!

(if all else fails I am permitted to mail the socks to them and they will photograph them, but I’d rather take the challenge and do it myself)

take a look at knitty and see some of the silly ways they picture stuff. or you can take a picture of a friend wearing the sock but not show anything else. :shrug:

Stick 'em on a tree branch. :rofl: :rofl:

You could buy a toy boat and float the socks in your bathtub or something. Or put them on your hand like a sock puppet, since I don’t think I’ve seen that before in a non-sock puppet pattern. Anything and everything goes, have fun and be silly!

Congratulations!!! :woot:

Maybe you could drape them outside on some flowers or something?

any way you could do a play on the sock name? Like if you were calling them “Tick Tock Socks” (yeah i have no idea where that came from) you could drape them on a clock or something like that.

What you can do is look at others’ pattern photos. It’s so easy to be “artistic”. Just think of something that’s out of ordinary. Be creative.

You could have someone or model them yourself too since all you are showing are feet.

Browse through photos of sock patterns online you will get a lot of ideas. For example, something like this is easy to do; or this; or this, all from knitty dot com.

I would love to take photos for you but I don’t think you live near me…

Many congrats! Only thing that springs to mind just now is some kind of sport or similar. Could you drape them over a pair of ice skates or a ball or a hockey puck and that stick thing they use to knock each other senseless with.

Depends on what kind of sox they are, I suppose. Thick ones -maybe skis or hiking boots, mountaineering gear, etc.

If I think of anything else, I’ll give a shout.

They’re very lightweight, very lacy socks.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll let you know what I come up with!


I think the Falling Leaves or Tip Toe Through the Tulips are good set ups. I would try to shoot them outside if you don’t have good photo floods. You don’t want to use a flash for magazine shots, it will just bleach it out.

Nadja xxx

How about on the clothes line?

YOU read my mind!!!