OT sorta: Knitter's Geek Code Q?

OK…ummm I finally set up my Knitter’s Geek code :happydance:! I’ve been reading other knitter’s geek codes now that I made my own I understand them better.

Neway…I was noticing quite a few people have (KCR= knit continental right) Am I reading this correct? If so, that’s where I sorta get confused…how does someone knit this way…? I mean…“continental” is holding the thread in the left hand and using a “picking” method. So I was wondering where the RIGHT comes in??? :??

Also…after reading alot of knitter’s geek codes I haven’t come across another KCL, like myself…I’m a HARDCORE lefty, to put it lightly :rofling: ! Any other KCL out there? :smiley:

1 last thing…Umm…how do I make (KNITTER’s GEEK CODE) in my signature into a link to the site? :doh:

Thanks in Advance all!! :thumbsup:

Right-click on the link in my sig, choose “copy shortcut” and paste that into your sig.

Thanks Kel!!! Got the link there! How do I change it to just show “Knitter’s Geek Code” without showing the URL address??? :??



Add this to the end of your link:
Knitters Geek Code

Ugh…Says my signature’s too long. :rollseyes: Oh well…Thanks anyways!


Mine did the same at first…try removing the word “geek”

Ok lol update:

I tried doing that still too long… :frowning:

Now I right clicked on Amy’s (geek code link) and noticed the url was shortened. So I tried that and it worked. But now…when I put Knitter’s Geek Code it doesn’t come up right. It shows it like below:

Knitter’s Geek Code http://tinyurl.com/45t3h

When I put it in my signature I put:

http://tinyurl.com/45t3h Knitter’s Geek Code

…but that’s how it looks when I update my profile and on my posts

I’ve tried putting (Knitter’s Geek Code before and after the URL but…it still shows the URL on my postings.

Hmm??? :??


WOO HOO!!! :cheering: I figured it out…Hit reply to a post then clicked on the URL examples above the message box and used that as a guide. YIPPEEEE!! :happydance: