OT sorta: Everybody Loves Raymond

Anybody catch Raymond on Fox tonight? I LOVED :inlove: LOVED the sweater that “Debra” was wearing! Anyone notice?? It was really unusual, and I’d love to find the pattern! It was kinda divided into four quarters, with one of the top quarters and the opposite bottom quarter being cabled, while the other top and opposite bottom quarters were not cabled (didn’t see it well enough to make out the stitch pattern). And the sleeves were kind of divided in pattern too. It was sooo awesome! But how on earth would I find the pattern?!? :crying:

No, didn’t see it, but it sounds very nice. If you can’t find the pattern, I’d just find one with the basic style/shape, and put in cable where you want them… (This is the kind of insane challenge my DS gives me, and whether the FO is perfect or not, the process is what keeps me knitting.) Good luck!

Wouldn’t that be a challenge for me?!? I might just take it up sometime. :wink: