OT sorta... cupcakes

Did I ever show you all these awesome cupcakes?! They’d be super time consuming, but aren’t they amazing!?


Those are amazing! Very time consuming but amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

If I had a knitting group I would make these, just for the fun of it! Very cute!
(Just too bad when you actually eat them…)

Okay, I have to ask the dumb question…are those really knit or just “etched” to look like stitches? Either way how did she get the stitches so even? How do you block marzipan?

Hi! :waving:

Merigold…too funny! I guess you’d use toothpicks as blocking wires for the marzipan sweater parts! :roflhard:

Jan, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. What a spirit lift it gave me. That is incredibly creative and such fun! I’m going to be sure to pick up some marzipan and gel color when I get to Wal-Mart next time, for sure! My grand-daughter will flip out if she comes to visit and has her own “knitting cupcakes”!!!

This is just so cool!

Happy knitting (and sculpting!)

Ruthie :hug:

You’re welcome, Ruthie! Make sure to share photos if you do them!

Judy…hahahaha! There are instructions on them and I think she does use a toothpick to create the stitches. :lol:

Okay, I finally found the tutorial (the one in still pictures–dial up connection you know). She did etch the stitches on in little strips and it looked like she was using a knife as her tool. Quite a talent to get the stitches so even.

A really cute idea. I’ve never eaten marzipan. What does it taste like, or do you take it off and not eat it?

I want to know how it tastes like as well! Does it taste sweet? Does the gel color effect the taste?

Rosegirl147 :knitting:
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If I remember correctly its mae of almonds…so almondy and the gel color has no flavor and is used in icing, fondant and all thing sweet tasty and colored :slight_smile:

Those little things are fabulous! I’d never try to decorate them like that myself, though. Leave it to the professionals…

Yum-O on marziapn! Almond paste and sugar, but not cloyingly sweet. I like the choc covered ones best. You can find it in places like World Market, esp around Christmas.