OT (sort of) knitting made the news in 2 different papers!

[color=blue]Both the Portland Press Herald and The Times Record had full page articles about knitting within 2 days of each other!

One of the fellows that works with me brought in both articles. Such a nice group I work with! :heart:

Made me feel all warm :heart: and fuzzy :hug: (no pun intended) lol.

anne [/color]

Two great articles! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I love the name for the Sunday group “Football Widow Club” :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Knitting is awesome!!!

It’s nice that knitting is getting attention… but log onto www.masondixonknitting.com to see their reaction to the Portland Press article. In the side bar of the article their blog is mentioned.

I could not find any reference to it on Mason Dixon Funding’s site… :??

I could not find any reference to it on Mason Dixon Funding’s site… :??

Found it! lol… Ann is great! :cheering:


I edited it before:www.masondisonknitting.com.
Forgot the “knitting” part.

Well isn’t this fun! First, that’s so nice a coworker would bring those articles in for you! But, funny thing about these computers and links… thanks so much newAmy for posting that link to Mason/Dixon. I was just totally bowled over (by the funny answer but moreso) by scrolling down and finding out one of the gals was up in my part of the woods, Andes, NY. Shocked, because nothing much usually happens up that way and here is a whole knitting party I missed coz I was away for a couple weeks.

So I posted on their website to please invite me if they have another get together and it’ll all come out of this post.
Pretty neat huh? THANKS!