OT (sort of) - Knitting in Speech Class

As part of my generals, I have to take speech.
Each person has to do at least 5 speeches, with different objectives (information, demonstration, persuasion, etc).

For my informative speech, I’ve chosen to do Knitting.
Mainly: Knitting, past and present.

Give a small introduction to the origins of it, the history, notable moments, and famous knitters of today, both male and female.

My audience is a freshman class of kids who’ve seen me knit and although some have said it’s cool, they’ve also put it into the “moms and grandmas do that”.

So…as knitters, if you had this audience, what would you like to tell them?

Would you mind if I mentioned some of the things I’ve read in this forum to illustrate the point that knitting isn’t old-fashioned? (inspirational stories, etc)

Thanks for your help :notworthy:

I think it’d be great if you mentioned some things from KH…there’s tons of young knitters here who make some cool stuff. Maybe you could talk about some of the things that young knitters might make or talk about patterns. There’s tons of cool patterns that don’t look like “grandma” things. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do awesome!!!

Yeah, I was thinking about pointing out the Love issue from Knitty to enforce the “not as tame as you think” aspect.

I’m also trying to find pictures of famous people who knit, both male and female, because there’s plenty of guys in the class who’ve made a point to identify knitting as “girl stuff”…although there’s one in the bunch who I think could catch the bug.

Here’s a pic of Russel Crowe knitting and at the bottom of the page there is a list of celebrity knitters. This is another article that has a few pics. And here’s a book that you might want to check out. I hope some of this helps!!

I think that doing a speech on knitting is awesome and for the naysayers, why not show some funky knitted bags or hats, like in Stitch-n-Bitch Nation.

Rosie Greer, an ex-football player used to knit. Let me see if I can find some info about that.

Julia Roberts knits.


So, I guess Russel Crowe knits too…who’dathunkit?


LOL…I was one step behind you :teehee:

ooh… you should talk about the curse of knitting for a boyfriend…

I just finished dloading some info on Rosie Grier ^^

From what I’ve read, that picture of Russell Crowe was taken just because they’d think he would look cute in it. He’d never picked up a pair of needles before.

He later started knitting as therapy and anger management ^^

Other famous male knitters: David Arquette, Brian Gosling and it’s rumored that Antonio Banderas has dabbled in it ^^

There’s so many things I wanna say in this speech but I only have 15 min. to deliver it :pout:

You could point out how much money the industry generates and show examples of how the artform is being marketed to the hip/young/high-fashion crowds, with Knit1. and Vogue Knitting, among others.

I’m good at writing speeches, organizing topics. I am not as good with delivery, alas. :shrug:

eta: I meant to add that I am happy that I wasn’t required to take another speech class for this degree. :teehee:

My 11yo DD just did a speech on Elizabeth Zimmermann last week for her class. It was so cute she wore a vest and socks she knitted and had a couple of EZ books.

Everytime she has a project due she somehow relates it to knitting or crocheting. She made a todem pole out of Sugar N Cream and with knitting notions sticking out of it. She’s crocheted a blanket for another and a cradle purse for another. She made a yarn winder for a simple/complex machine project. She is very creative and loves knitting/crocheting.

It think its great on doing it on something you are passionate about because it comes across in how you present your material.

ooh, Ryan Gosling knits! (You know, the star of “the notebook” and “breaker high” HA!)

:heart: :heart: :heart:

On a history note - maybe not really relevant but it interested me! Some 16th and 17th century knitted garments found in bogs in Ireland

The first Chapter of Stitch n Bitch sums up knitting in a really general but thought provoking way. I would highly recommend checking it out of your local library or sitting down with it at your LYS and reading it. If you don’t already own it.

You can tell them about all the fun things you can knit like ( assuming this is a college class of course):
http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTbits.html (Im actually making these right now for my mom who just lost her boob)





You can show them that kntting isnt just for your grandma anymore :teehee:

Lucy: those will come in handy!! thanks!! :cheering:

You’re all giving me great ideas!! I’ve been scribbling like crazy!!
:cheering: :hug: :cheering: :hug:

As a multicrafter, and soon-to-be naturopathic physician, I have always pointed out the “female math” factor. Math and sciences have been intimidating topics for women, historically speaking. Mathematical applications (like designing one’s own patterns) help women overcome “math phobia” and have a beautiful, practical garment as a result.

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