OT--sort of...knitting blog and cute cat contest

I say OT, but there is a :XX: blog involved! I entered my Chinni in a cutest cat contest. If you have the time, you can vote for him/them HERE.

Her blog has some good knitting tools…calculators, pattern generators (this is pretty cool) and other info.

Hey guys…thanks for the votes! He is up to 8 now :slight_smile:

I just voted which brought Chinni up to 11!!

Woo HOO, thank you!

Nothing like a good contest with no prize to inspire the competitor in me :wink:

a few more votes :pray: please? Anyone?

I just voted. 18 votes! :thumbsup:

Yay! Thanks.

I got Chinni up to 19!

even though MY cats would win hands down I voted :slight_smile: I tried to vote twice but it wouldn’t let me!


Your kitty is up to 24 votes now.

27 votes now!


[color=red][size=6]29[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

when I voted, he was then up to 30.

OK!! :thumbsup: !Chinni’s up to 32 now–he is beautiful!

36, now :happydance: - and boy, he is cute :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for voting! Chinni won! Which, of course means absolutely nothing. I am VERY competitive though :slight_smile: Here he is (on the left)giving his acceptance speech while brother Rocky cheers him on:

Congratulations to Chinni!! :cheering:

My Scout was not too pleased that I didn’t enter him. I shouldn’t have even told him. What he doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt him, right? Ahh… too late. Here he is giving me attitude. :rollseyes:

wooah…that is some serious kitty attitude! He is cute though…could’ve come in 2nd for sure :wink:

[color=red][size=7]Congrats kemp![/size][/color]