OT, sort of...do you get bumps on your fingers?

I’m getting these weird bumps on my “knitting” fingers; my index fingers, middle finger, and ring finger, the fingers I use most to knit, where either the yarn or needles are poking. Does anyone else get these, or have any ideas on why I’m getting them?

I don’t think I’m allergic to the yarn, otherwise I’d get bumps from the stuff I wear or use other places. Helllp this is reallly weird.

are they hard, and are they pretty much where the needles lie? if so, I would bet probably water blisters or calluses.

i would have to agree… :thumbsup:

thanks, yall… yeah, they are kind of hard, but they’re really small. it kinda feels like splinters, but there are no actual splinters…weird…

I think the term for that is “Dermal Knitoma”

:roflhard: Dr. KellyK…

Can’t wait to hear that on the TeeVee. “Don’t take this medication if you suffer from heart palpatations, dermal knitoma or have diabetes…”



I get those- but more of callusses, but i think its more from my spinning and where the yarn goes through my fingers (esp if im workign with a rougher yarn!)

Ironically, I have hand dermatitis or eczema. Maddening! And now that I knit, I HATE that yarn catches and snags on my hands. It’s better now, thank goodness, but it can be sooooo irritating :help:
Mostly, my palms and sometimes between fingers itch horribly.
Anyhoo, love the dermal knitoma! That is a hoot :rofling:
Since I work on a computer, I notice that I may be developing carpal tunnel. I usually do fine, but on some occasions, some of my fingers will get tingly and i have to shake my hands at my side from time to time… sometimes when I knit (but less so if I am feeling good about my project, i must be calmer then and more relaxed) or have my hands up like putting on makeup, blowdrying my hair, etc. Weird eh? :??