OT: Some great videos to share!

I’ve seen these for a long time, and thought I would share this with you guys:)! These are all animated by Dony Permedi, a great animator who’s videos are getting so popular on the web!

This first one is one of his earlier work called “Pony”. It is about a little girl with plenty of imaginations… It might seem like there is violence in the middle but believe me, it’s not “real”, just the girls imagination, like I said :slight_smile: And there is also a message behind it…

This second one is the one I liked better, I absolutely LOVE this one actually! It’s called “Kiwi”. It’s about a kind of bird called kiwi that cannot fly, and you’ll see how this cute bird managed to make its first and only “flight”. A little suggestion… Prepare lots of tissues! (My heart broke after I saw this one…)

If any of you are interested you can see this interview with the animator, too!

Hope you enjoy!