OT: some flowers

I’m an amateur photographer (I pretty well suck, but I try.)

I was in a local Maul the other day and happened to have my Nikon with me so I tried to shoot some flowers (I have a hard time taking decent photos of flowers!)


Oooo pretty!

I don’t have a clue what any of them are, most look really exotic…

Pretty! I really like the middle one!

N0ob!! These are beautiful pictures.

I think the pointy flower in the first one is a bromiliad. The red ones in the background look like begonias.

The middle picture is beatiful…I have no clue what they are though.

The bottom looks like bromiliads again (and I’m probably spelling it wrong).

Great job!!

Isn’t a pineapple a bromeliad??! :smiley:

Yes, a pineapple is a bromeliad. In fact, if you buy a fresh pineapple and cut the top off with about an inch of pineapple attached, I think it will grow a new plant. (never tried it…only heard about it.)