OT: so who owns a wii?

This is so much fun!

Got one for the kids for Christmas and have finally had some time to play with it. This could seriously cut into my knitting time though.

I have a Wii, xbox, xbox360, game cube, Nintendo64,original Nintendo Entertainment System, and I have a PS3 in the mail on its way to me…and my bf has a bunch of game boys from different eras in storage.I don’t know what happened to my SuperNES :/or the ps2.

I might get rid of some of the older systems…but I think my bf kind of has a dream of one day getting a much larger entertainment system where we can mount all the game systems and assign them to their own inputs to play any time instead of having half in the closet.

So many games @@.Such little time @@.

I don’t know why but I really like Trauma Center for the Wii.Mostly its just funny.If you don’t have some version of Mario Party yet, run and grab it now!

I love my Wii and this year, I’m using it to get in shape. I have EA Sports Active for the Wii. Also, I have Dance, Dance Revolution and I’m going to drag it out to get my blood pumping.

I too have a Wii that I LOVE and we just got Rock Band 2 for Christmas but can’t play it anymore until we get new controllers…One of 'em died a while ago, the 2nd controller died today :frowning: I’m going through Rock Band withdrawal…hahaha

My son put a buck into a raffle and won one! It’s a blast,and now I want one.

I’ve been using Wii Fit, Wii Fit+ and Wii Active since February last year. Along with a good food plan, I’ve lost over 80 lbs. I’ve never played any games on it except some from Wii Sports…

My daughter got one for Christmas, and brought it over to our house over the holidays. We had great fun! I wouldn’t mind getting one for the wii fit stuff. We bowled, golfed, played Mario Bros. (and yes, it could cut into knitting/crocheting time)

Way to go on the weight loss Lizzie! We got the Wii fit+ too.

As far as other games, a relative gave us one of the Mario Party ones and several others. Haven’t had a chance to even try those yet.

[COLOR=“33099”]…we received a Wii for Christmas. This year we received more games for it.

We still have our Nintendo Game Cube.

we got one last March, and have a great time bowling and playing pool. This year we bought Wii Fit + and are enjoying it also. Realy like the Island Cycling, as i love cycling. My daughter and her family also have one and the kids have as much fun making “Miis” as they do playing the games!! linknit41

We got one in November- the day the price came down. My dad was LIVID as we just ruined our Christmas present, and mom was mad b/c now Dad wants one. Ha ha!
I LOVE bowling and we also have Wii Resort and Toy Story Mania- just like the ride at WDW. Now, I want a Wii Fit.

Love my wii!!! I really need to get back into using the Wii fit and Active. Lately I have been playing a lot of the new Mario Bros game and family game night Yahtzee.

Yep…Santa brought us one too…Can’t wait to get WI fit…also, can’t wait till the controller flies out of someones hand and crashes into the Flat Screen and Glass Doors on my Entertainment System:roflhard:

Yahtzee for the Wii?! I’m going to have to look into that!

I have Wii Fit. I like it, mostly the yoga part. I am used to working out for 30 to 40 minutes on my elliptical machine. My heart rate gets up to 140 to 150 beats per minute when I work out. I’m also used to step aerobics. To me, Wii Fit isn’t the work out I’m used to. Is Wii Active any different?

Oh it’s been done hundreds of times, though rarely captured on camera. My cousin Amber had a party where the wii was the main event back when it just came out.Someone thought the little wrist strap was an unnecessary safety precaution…but then he flung the controller into the ceiling and got it stuck IN there during bowling. [B]>_>[/B]

Then there’s [I]this[/I] video. I’ve had nightmares T_T

We have a Wii and love it. We brought it over to my parents’ house and then my dad went out the next day and bought one. We have Sports Resort, Fit, Toy Story Midway Mania, and the new Mario Bros.

Yahtzee is on Hasbro Family Game Night. It also has Sorry, Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, and Sorry Sliders. My whole family spent half the day on Christmas Eve playing Yahtzee, Sorry , and Battleship. It really took us back to our childhoods in the 80/90s.

Family game night on a gaming system?
I think I need it more hands on and REAL (like actually tossing the dice). Why not just pull out the ACTUAL board games?!

For those with the wii fit - is your wii fit age close to your actual age most or even some of the time? I’ve only been at it for 6 days, and my age has ranged from 16 under to 18 over, close only once.
And I’m getting a little tired of being called ‘unbalanced’!

Because the point of family game night is to get together as a family and play a game. It’s about doing something together and it doesn’t matter what it is.

My Wii Fit age was way off until I started working out on it more and improved my balance. Now it is at or below my real age.