OT - So I ran over myself with the car today

anyone else ever do that?? LOL :oops:

This morning, while my kids and I were waiting for my husband, the minivan got knocked into reverse! I was in the passenger seat, so I couldn’t reach the brakes, but rather than throw the thing back into park, turn the car off, or move to the driver’s seat, I decided to leap out of the moving car and run around to the driver’s side for the brake. :doh: Of course, the car was moving faster than I would have ever guessed, so rather than gracefully leaping out, I was literally thrown from the open doorway onto the driveway as the car continued to accelerate toward the neighbor’s house, and the front end of the van RAN OVER MY LEG!! :pout: I let out this horrible primal scream (remember when Westley’s being tortured in the Princess Bride? Yeah–like that) and watched the van careen into the neighbor’s parked car in his open garage while my husband tried to chase it down. And what occurs to me first? “Is my wedding ring OK?!?” LOL

Anyway, the neighbor’s house and car were miraculously OK, as was our car. In the end, I ended up with a hideous hematoma (think enormous blood/fluid-filled lump) on my calf, a nasty bruise where I landed on my thigh, and bruised bones in my hands, which took most of the force. I’m on some good drugs, but I suspect it’s gonna really hurt tomorrow! HOW STUPID AM I??? :doh:

Anyway, it was pretty much my most embarrassing moment. Anyone else care to share theirs? :shrug:

ETA: I can still knit! Hooray!

Oh my god, i’m so glad you are ok… it could have been much worse :hug:

That must have been very frightening at the time, especially as your kids were in the car. I woulda freaked if that happened while my little one was in there.

I’m gonna need some time to think, in order to come up with an embarrasing moment that beats that, although i have a few. Does waking up with injuries that you don’t remember incurring during your drunken youth count? :teehee:

I am so glad you are okay :hug: . Wow, what a scary experience.

uh… … I’ve fallen into my trunk… lol I was in college, and driving a huge 66 Mercury Montery.(This was several years ago… no comment on the age bracket ok!) Family car hand me down. I loved it… Could seat 6 comfortable, 8 w/ no prob, and had a trunk big enough for 4 or 5 easy.

I was in the parking lot at college, reaching in to grab something that somehow had been pushed to the back of the trunk, when, uh I fell in. I was sitting in the trunk trying to decide the best way to get out when everyone on campus,(it sure seemed that way) walked by. I was at one of our state’s University’s so it wasn’t just a small community college, oh no… and I had to pick the Student Union parking lot to do this in ~!

:oops: :doh:

Holy cow! I’m glad you were not seriously hurt! I think we sometimes react in a way that is completely out of character when we are surprised or frightened. You aren’t alone! :hug:

You poor thing! You are VERY lucky that you managed to survive THAT!

A friend of mine was injured falling out of his parent’s car when he was a young boy. The car ran over his head, but he survived. He had to endure much pain and suffering, and still has physical impairments to this day!

And don’t worry about how “stupid” you were. We all do crazy things when we are in danger! Just take care of yourself now, and do lots of knitting for therapy when your hands get better. :heart:

:hug: :heart: :hug: :heart:

I’m so glad you’re okay. It’s good to hear that you can still knit given your hand injuries – hopefully it’ll help keep your mind off the pain. Poor thing!

Also glad you were not seriously hurt - thats some feat running yourself over but I’ve heard of it happening before too =D

Gad you can still knit and that your wedding ring is fine :hug:

Oh my thats is terrible I also have an embarrassing storythat involves a vehicle but this one was not moving…

When I was 16 I was with my cousin and her boyfriend and one of his friends at the boyfriends house and we decided that we wanted to go to rent a movie it was snowing and the walkway(steep hill)that led to the driveway was covered in ice everyone else decided it would be safer to walk in the snow beside the walkway but me not wanting to get my pants wet decided I would run down it and I made it to the bottom to but then fell on my a#@ and went sliding under his truck !!! Then if that wasn’t bad enough I am laying there wishing I would die(remember being 16??) I heard this cracking noise and the ice under me broke and I landed in a puddle about 6 inches deep.They had to pull me out by my arms and drive us home instead of the video store and I had to sit on a trash bag the whole way home.

You are sooooo lucky!

It could have been much worse and I’m glad you are ok.

Sending quick healing vibes your way :heart:


I forgot to add my most embarrassing moment. I think that would have to be one day long ago when I was walking along a street in Philadelphia and I stepped on a manhole cover and it caved in on me.

Now I was much younger then and the thought of suing the City of Brotherly Love was not in the forefront of my mind. So there I was, all dressed up for a meeting with one leg stuck in a manhole and you know what??? NOONE CAME TO HELP!!! I mean noone. :grrr: Ok, someone came over to see if I was ok, but I had already pulled myself out by then.

I managed to extricate myself from the hole and while I was only scraped and slightly bruised, I had to walk over to where my meeting was (why I didn’t go back to the hotel where I was staying, I’ll never know :?? ) with my leg filty from manhole grease and my pantyhose shredded. I couldn’t imagine being late for this meeting!

When I got to where I was headed I washed off in the nearest restroom and managed to pick up a new pair of pantyhose and I just continued on with my day.

Can you imagine having to tell people you were late and filthy because YOU FELL IN A MANHOLE!!! :!!!:

Well, with that thought, I have to go wake up my kids for school :teehee:


I’m so glad you’re ok and that there was no damage to the neighborhood!

Years ago, something happened in the car where the ignition switch stayed on. I was only a couple of miles from home, with a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old in the car and I had to get home for the kindergarten bus. So even though the ignition was grinding (imagine holding the key on) I decided to head for home. Well, the heat from the switch caused something under the hood to catch fire. Smoke was pouring out from under the hood, but because the key was stuck ‘on’ I couldn’t turn off the car! It was a standard, so I managed to stall the engine and get the kids out.

But then the car started itself and started idling down the road. All I could think of was the kindergarten bus coming around the corner and there would be my driverless car.

So holding the baby, I ran after the car, jumped in, stalled it again and pulled on the emergency brake this time. Luckily a neighbor came by at that moment and put out the fire and disconnected the battery and gave me a ride home.

My son (the 3-year-old) was terrified of any kind of movie or tv show that had fire in it for a long time after that. I scraped the top of my foot, but that was all. It really was a stupid move, but we don’t think in those situations. :shrug:

What an experience, Ingrid! Now, years later, it sounds so comical, but I’m sure it was quite frightening when it was happening!

Wow! So glad you - and everyone - are ok!

I’m so glad you are okay - how scary!!! :heart:

We locked the keys in our car once. We didn’t have a spare set at the time (my dear hubby having lost our keys the week prior). With no way to get home, we managed to pop the lock on the trunk, and I slid inside to push part of the back seat down and unlock one of the back doors.

It worked like a charm. Until I got stuck. :grrr:

Of course, just at that moment, friends of ours arrived at the restaraunt, and of course, they had a camera in their car.

So the lovely image of me and butt are captured for future generations.

Our friends had to pull on my ankles while my husband pushed on my shoulders to get me out.


Lord girl, I am sure glad you are ok, though I know you have to hurt like the dickens. Please see idiot story I posted this morning with regards to dumb things! lol

You must have one overworked guardian angel. I’m really glad you
re ok.

When I was a nurse we treated someone for severe burns who actually lit a match to see if there was any gasoline left in a drum…there was.

I actually enjoy being a fool, so I can’t think of many stories where I was totally mortified. But I really enjoyed your story, only becasue I knew you were somewhat okay. Thanks for sharing!

Yep, I know how you felt!

When DD was little I was pulling out of the driveway but the garage door didn’t go down. I pulled back in, hopped out to check the little eye thingy, turned around and notice the van rolling down the driveway (slight hill) and my DD standing up looking frightened. :shock:

I was like ALLISON!!! and wenting running down the drive (flinging my flip-flops off). The van went across the street–thankfully no cars or chidren were going by–and hit the neighbors mailbox. I was glad it wasn’t a brick mail box or cemented in cause it took it completely out of the ground and messed up their landscaping. My van had a dent.

My DD still says to this day “MOMMY THE VANNNNN IS GOING BACKWARDDSSSS!!!” She was fine and DH fixed the neighbor’s mailbox and landscaping.

Apparantly, I didn’t put it all the way in park before I jumped out. :shrug: It was a horrible feeling watching my little girl rolling away into the street.

Hope your not too sore tomorrow!