OT: Snow pictures

These are just a few - we took about a million
The rear deck with the first 13", the our dog plowing through the yard. She is slowly making a series of trails so she can patrol …she is a 60lb boxer mix and she bounces through the snow as if she was born in Colorado and been doing this her whole life. Best part of all this snow is that she wears herself out and comes inside to sleep - rather than her usual run about the house looking for trouble.

It’s beautiful!

I am so jealous!!

Demonica - It’s obvious you haven’t shovelled or worried about driving in snow! (Or is that you love winter sports and live somewhere that gets snow, but not big dumps like that?)

Great pictures vaknitter.

HMM - it just occurred to me that as the top layer of the snow melts and refreezes the dog will be able to walk ON TOP of the snow…the snow being almost 2 feet essentially reduces our fence to 4 ft from 6ft meaning our girl will be outta here in the blink of an eye. Guess I’ll put my socks down and go run around the yard with her and knock down ALL the snow rather than just letting her have her paths !

Oh I am glad that you posted some pictures Vaknitter. I went to put some up and I can’t. My port is used for the computer wireless. Oh well we got about 2 feet also. My poor dachshund won’t go down the stairs to the ground. I think she is afraid of the snow. She just stares at it . I have to pick her up so she will do her duties. I made sure that she had space enough but she is such a prissy girl.
I love the pictures of your puppies running around the yard. Great pics.

Oh my! Snow!!!

I love snow!!! So beautiful!!!

But driving in the snow in our Puget Sound area is IMPOSSIBLE. Hills, hills, hills.

Last winter we finally got some real snow!
Under this blanket of snow resides a Honda Mini-Van!

My husband shoveled a walkway through 15" of snow on our front deck/porch!

My Shih Tzu said,
“What? I’m supposed to do WHAT out here? Where’s the kitty litter! I ain’t goin’ out in THIS!”

We got 17" in my part of CT.

Gingerbread - I must say Daisy has been awesome about doing her business in the snow. She just stops - does her business and then keeps going.
My german shephard at home is a Mr Snooty and he “makes” someone snowblow him a path and a clear patch into the backyard or he’d probably hold it all winter ! Of course he won’t go out in the rainy either.

We got 15.7" here in Des Moines about 10 days ago. This coming week they’re saying 10 to 15 inches possibly and lots of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and drizzle, followed by 30 mph winds. Ugh…I might be camped out at home instead of with family. sigh