OT: Snow in southern California!

My 11-year-old is going bonkers with joy right now. She spent the holidays in New York and was so disappointed there wasn’t any snow. Who would have thought she’d get her first snow out here near LA LA Land? :woot: Seriously, the last snow we had in my town must have been like 15 years ago…

Of course, this means you guys further east are probably going to get some of this in a few days!



Not likely, at this rate. :teehee:

Obviously the end is near. It was 70 here in Boston last Saturday! :slight_smile:

I lived in San Diego until about 3 years ago, maybe I brought the weather with me and you guys got Boston’s weather?

Actually it is supposed to snow here in the northeast by Monday, but just lightly.

Actually it is supposed to snow here in the northeast by Monday, but just lightly.[/quote]


Jan, I’m in the Riverside/San Bernardino area. It’s still snowing here, but the sun is peeking out so it’ll turn back to rain soon.

Weather.com only predicts rain for NJ. :happydance:

Crazy! I’m in south OC and it hasn’t even rained much here although the clouds were quite thick yesterday. :shrug:

Raining here east of you in the palm springs area!

I didn’t know we had any riverside/san berdoo memebers. I smell a get together!


We barely got a drizzling of rain in San Diego. It’s sunny out now. :doh:

Here in KC, It has already had freezing rain, now a bit of snow… then who knows what… its moving down… OK is getting hit also

We’ve got freezing rain today in Oklahoma City. It’s supposed to accumulated up to 2 inches this weekend.

Moving farther southeast, it is cloudy and supposed to rain but it’s 66 degrees here in Memphis and quite balmy.

Oh wow!! That is weird. Just a few days ago, I commented on babydill’s blog that if we got snow here, everybody would either drop dead or run around screaming, "The end is near!"
I do the whole “psychic” thing all the time.

My teacher also said that it was snowing at her house this morning…I think she lives in Corona???

So far in Downey, not even a little rain. It was very sunny today. Just kind of windy.