OT: Singing in the New Year! Puppy Style!



Hahaha! I think it’s a mistake to get him started though. :teehee:

refuses to learn this lesson

I’ve done this with just about every dog I’ve ever interacted with, and I used to work at a specialty pet store so that’s a LOT of puppies. Relatives/customers always get stuck with the new howl their puppy has learned from me >___>


I’ll remember never to get a pet from where you worked. :lol:

Too Adorable. The neighbors will love it!!

OMG. I’m so in love. There’s nothing better than a puppy. :slight_smile:

Hehe - I think I’ve seen that one before ! My hubby and our old dog (now deceased) taught our new dog to “talk” and howl. Luckily for the most part she only does it for the hubby.

Oh, we didn’t [I]sell[/I] pets.That would be unethical >_> We just sold really,REALLY expensive special organic diet dog food-which was unethical too(during the huge gas crisis, it was more per lbs than gas was per gallon D: ).

I was literally [I]paid[/I] to roll on the floor with puppies though.Sweet deal :slight_smile:

I think this little puppy is the cutest thing I EVER SAW! I just wanna kiss him to pieces!!!

Puppy breath!!

Oh I love puppy breath! I love dogs, period!