OT: *sigh* No one to talk to

I just had a really bad day at work and everything seems to be falling apart. Now I’m not sure this move/promotion was the right thing for me. And none of my IM people are around. I feel so lonely :crying:

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Awww, I’m sorry you had a bad day! Keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow is better! :heart:

I’m supposed to meet with the manager on duty as soon as I get in and have a “mediation” type meeting with the person I’m have trouble with. I just hate conflicts and it all boils down to I really am starting to think I made the wrong choice, which totally sucks. I like the job, I like that hours. But the interpersonal crap brings it down.

I don’t deal well with conflict either. I also tend to be one of those women who cries when she’s angry which is so not a good thing in the workplace. :rollseyes: I hope the mediation can settle the problems. Just try to keep a clear head when your in it. :heart:

I did so much crying today. It took me my 1/2 hour lunch and an extra 1/2 hour in the manager’s office just to chill out.

Thanks for talking, I’m heading to bed.

I’m very sorry that you had a bad day yesterday, it’s terrible when things go bad like that…and you’ve only just started a new job & moved…WOW.

Just remember, there are ALOT of different types of personalities out there & it just isn’t possible to all get along(unfortunately) Sometimes it’s different opinions or maybe the person just doesnt like you because your a threat…IT’S OK :cheering:

You’re there for a reason, maybe they needed a change & you’re gonna be the one to bring it…who knows, however, you are there now so just roll with it and dont let it get to you(can be hard sometimes) but the main thing is not to take it too personally…seriously, dont let a good thing like this job be ruined by something like this…believe in yourself & others will do the same!

Rhy :happydance:

I’m so sorry that you had such a bad time @ work. Sounds like your co-worker may feel threatened by you. You just keep your chin up & be the bigger person & know that you have friends here to chat with :wink:

I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad day… I hope everything goes smoothly with the manager… :heart:

Sorry you had such a bad day. Finding the right employer can be like finding the right marriage partner. It’s not easy. Hope everything works out for you.

This other person is not a knitter is she?
While you are in your “meditating” meeting, take your knitting along. She/he is sure to ask about it. Teach them to knit!
Of course I’m just being silly. I’ve worked with those kind before and I wish you luck.

hey there.

i hope after sleep that you feel better about your situation. i dont know how long youve been there, but changing jobs (and moving !!!) is extremely stressfull, and personalities that you could normally deal with when youre in a comfort zone are no longer palatable when in new situations.

give yourself time.

if you know in your heart that it will be masochism to stay, then think about leaving, but try and keep in mind that things get easier after youve worked out all of your routines and have support coworkers that youve made - this just takes time.

let us know how things go.

Great advice here from everyone Jessica–I can’t do anything but echo them.

I do hope today is a better day for you and that sleep has brought you some peace!

:heart: :heart: Hugs :heart: :heart:

So, how are things now…u feeling better?

We both were in good sprites on Saturday and were so busy we didn’t have time to think about anything else, today was just recovery. So, we didn’t have the meeting but I would like to still sit down with her sometime.

Things are stressful for me right now. Work plus we still don’t know where we are going to live in the next couple of months. I worked for Target for 2 years back in Michigan. When I got here it was hard at first fitting in and making new friends. I felt like a new employee in a job I already knew. And then I got promoted over to the bakery as a cake decorator. A whole new ball game. We work very close with only a handful of people everyday and in general it’s a stressful job. Just learning a whole new dept and new people is a struggle. I’ve missed two of my (girlie things) since I moved over there, due to the stress. But I’m hoping things will work out.

Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions! :smiley:

:heart: :heart: Sending happy vibes your way, Jessica!! :heart: :heart:

omg youre a cake decorator? i wanted to do that so badly when i worked at randall’s in the bakery (grocery store in houston). i thought the cake decorators were the coolest. i’ve tried and tried to learn how to do it, but i just don’t have that artistic skill one needs to do that well. everything i decorate ends up looking like a two year old did it.

knitting is the only art i can do, actually. i cant even sew well.

stick with it, chica!

:smiley: Jessica, I’m sending you a BIG HUG and hoping & praying that everything works out very quickly :wink:

I know it sounds trite to say that it is all worth it in the end. When you can learn to resolve these things and learn to work with someone difficult, it makes you a better person. You feel like you can accomplish anything. Don’t give up yet. There is definitely a time and a place to give up, but give it a while longer.

Also, never underestimate the power of truth. It is hard to put ourselves out there and tell people how we feel, but often it is the one thing that another person can relate to. Have you considered telling this person you are having trouble with that you are struggling with the move and having a hard time making friends and so you are stressing out some at work? Maybe she will be better to you if she sees you as a human being? I don’t know the background, so I am just grasping at straws.

I want to add a big hug here too. I detest conflict at work. Really really really detest it. One day maybe I’ll tell you about the girl who worked for me that was such a nightmare in my first ever management job - she turned out to be involved in the UK’s biggest serial bigamy case. No, I’m not kidding and yes I sprayed coffee everywhere and choked when I read that!

I can’t do better than echo everyone here’s sentiments. Stick with it, the mediation is often a good thing. I went to mediation with this employee as previously mentioned. She was outwardly and deliberately hostile, which showed my human resources and my direct line manager that it actually wasn’t me that was the issue, it was her.

Hang in there, and when you feel like your head is gonna explode with it all, count slowly to five while breathing in slowly and fully then out slowly and fully. By the time you’ve counted the five you should have taken a deep and slow breath and let out a big slow breath too. I find this helps a lot, takes me 2 seconds to suck the air in and by the time I reach 5 the air has gone out and I’ve calmed enough to carry on.

Good luck and more hugs =D

I’m not very confident in what I do just yet. I’m always looking for people’s approval which in a downfall. And I’m always trying to please everyone. But I do love telling little kids that I make cakes, they seem so fascinated. I mean, what kid doesn’t love cake! :wink: