OT- showing off sewing

OK, I know this is a knitting board, but can I show off the dresses I made for my girls last night? :slight_smile:



:heart: so cute… I love smocking but have never been brave enough to try it. Are the girls going to model them? :hug:


Thanks! Yup, they’ll model them, but they were in bed when I put the dresses together last night.

Also, here’s my dirty little secret- that is pre-smocked fabric from Joann! :slight_smile: All I did was stitch them up the back and hem them! :slight_smile: I am going to add shoulder straps, though, from the fabric I cut off the hem.


:heart: Very cute! :heart:

I got a sewing machine for Christmas, but it’s still taking a backseat to my knitting. Plus I just need to have the guts to really start to use it…But if I spend all of my time knitting and sewing, when will I eat or sleep? :teehee:

Those are so sweet! I bet the girls were thrilled to see them :slight_smile: My kids are still young enough to love what I make them… I will cry when they realize it’s not “cool” to wear mama-made clothing :lol:

Dana, I’m dreading that day, too! For now, they picked out the fabric, so it should be safe! :slight_smile: As long as they pick it out themselves, so far they have loved everything I’ve made them. In fact, they frequently try to wear the bathrobes to school… :smiley:

Oooh…maybe I need to make a trip to JoAnns. I had a dress just like that when I was about my daughter’s age…it would be so cute on her.


Those are really cute. I didn’t know you could buy pre-smocked fabric. I’m gonna have to go to JoAnn’s and check it out!

pre-smocked- how cool!! I’ve got my coupons and I’m heading to JoAns today- what a great idea and I love your dresses. I’m in a sewing/ crafting knitting mode too… I bet your girls are adorable in those dresses!

Very cute!!! Your style is right up my alley…Now, can ya go to “trendy” Poncho (under Cheley) and find a poncho for my little one :muah: :muah: :muah: What pattern did you use to sew??? Thanks

Cheley, I didn’t use a pattern. Since the fabric is pre-smocked, I just got two 3/4yd cuts (one for each kiddo), wrapped it around them and pinned, then stitched up the back where I pinned. Then hemmed. From the fabric cut off the bottom, I made spaghetti straps, which I will be attaching tonight. That’s it! :slight_smile:

Poncho ideas:
http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/capelet_tsang.html (I know, not really a poncho…)


my favorite: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-scallopEdgePonchoKids.html

I love them! Wouldn’t mind a grown up version for summer…It’s in the 80’s here today :slight_smile:

Kathy, they have grown-up size pre-smocked fabric too. :slight_smile:

Those are so pretty! I used to sew for my two girls all the time. I made them some beautiful hand smocked dresses for Christmas one year.

Those dresses are adorable, Carey! I love the fabric you used.

I saw some of that pre-smocked fabric at JoAnn last time I was there. I was so tempted to buy some to make a sleeveless tunic top. I love to sew. In the works for me this summer is a McCall’s peasant style blouse made from a gauzy fabric and an ankle length halter dress. I saw the Old Navy commercial for their summer dresses the other day and there is a woman dancing around a room in this ankle length halter dress in a light floral print that is to die for! I can’t wait to make one for myself.

Knitty, definitely take your Joann coupon with you if you go for the pre-smocked- it’s sold by the INCH!