OT: show me your painting

Why does this amuse me so?


click for new color

But how do you stop???
I feel like Lucy and Ethel in the Chocolate factory!
:shock: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I. LOVE. THIS!!! It’s so much fun…I want to print mine and frame it!!!lol :smiley:

That is so much fun!

What fun! I loved the movie of Jackson Pollock sling that paint.

Well, you can do a screen capture of it - my dad just sent me his!

Tell me about that-like with your camera, or what?? :thinking:

To screen capture just hit “print screen” on your keyboard. Then you can paste it into another program to print.

Before I clicked the link I thought the picture of your grandson was what you were painting! It’s huge! :lol:

Oh, he is always trying freeware programs. I’m sure it’s one of the many screen capture programs he has.
I captured this one using hello from hello.com.

that is fabulous! thanks for sharing.

Here’s mine. I used print screen and pasted it into Paint Shop Pro then resized it.

OH my, this is fun!!! I became mesmerized and played with it for a while!

oOh hours of fun! hehe

Too much fun!!


I tried pasting it in all the way cool programs we have here at school (Adobe illustrator, photoshop, Indesign, etc) I even tried windoze paint and none of them would let me paste. The only thing that worked was the paint program in OpenOffice and I can’t save it as a jpeg or gif. Oh well, its fun to play with anyway.

That was fun!

Femi…I opened mine in regular paint, then changed to jpeg when i saved it…even though…[color=red][size=6]LONNIE JUST SURPRISED ME WITH ADOBE ELEMENTS 4 AND PHOTOSHOP CS2[/size][/color] :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Sorry about the yelling…I’m very excited :thumbsup:

Cool Becka! Congrats!

Hmmm…I tired that, wouldn’t let me paste. Now I’m at home and I don’t have any fancy programs and I’m on a Mac. No generic paint program. Oh well… :crying:

Hey I finally did it!!!