OT: Show and tell

I am a proud mommy… so I’m going to post pics of my dd! These are her Christmas/18 month pics we just got back yesterday. I had to scan them in, which is why they’re a little dark. :smiley: TFL!

I don’t like this one as much… she refused to close her legs. :lol: We managed to get a couple shots before she started putting her feet up in the air. :roflhard:

What a beautiful little girl! She looks older than 18 months to me. They grow up so fast! Congrats to your dd on her 18month birthday!!

That’s one good looking little girl! I’m sure you hear that all the time, everywhere you go, though! :happydance:

:inlove: The close-up is my favorite…so sweet!!

Awwwww she’s adorable!

How cute! I like the close up best as well, she is such a sweetie pie

She is sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

i gotta say those pictures are absolutely beautiful but that picture in your signature gets a grin from me every time i see it! I say use that one!!! :wink:

She’s darling! I love the close up…but I really love the laughing one with her hands covering her mouth :smiley:
Of course…they are all PRECIOUS pics :wink:

She’s [color=darkred]adorable[/color]! :inlove: And what a mischevious cutie-pie smile!


She is such an imp! I love the second photo of her giggling – bet that’s a sign of her true nature. I agree with Brenda Jo Louise … the photo in your signature cracks me up every time. :lol:


Those are soo cute!! I wish my daughter would take photos and smile!! We take ours this coming Sat. and I have everything crossed that Ruthie will GRIN!! Isaiah has always taken great pictures we have never had a professionally done photo of Roo that turned out awesome… she usually shows her strong personality at the photo shoot :rollseyes:

She is stunning! You better find a bat now so you’ll have something to scare all the boys away.

She is beautiful! What great pictures!!! You are one lucky momma!

Kemp… this is my bat:

He goes by the name, “Daddy.” :roflhard:


NICE BAT!!! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :oops: :roflhard: i was gonna say the same thing but thought it wouldn’t be appropriate! :rofling: :oops: :rofling:

We are the queens of inappropriate remarks, so here goes:

Holy Cats! “Daddy” is pretty darn cute, too!

(My DH looks like Robin Williams, he doesn’t do a threatening look nearly as well as yours, I’m sure. :lol: )

Wow. That is some bat! Some nice bat…