OT: She's Here!

The baby who kept threatening to come early finally came 4 days after her due date!

We welcomed sweet little Grace home on November 26th! It was a very easy contemplative labor. I pushed her out in 15 minutes! WOOHOO! She is my smallest baby at 8 lbs and 2 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long. She is the cutest sweetest little thing. She is a very patient child and much loved by her brother and two sisters! She is nursing well and getting chunky already! I cannot keep her doting three year old sister Kate away from her!

Now I have two little girls to dress like dolls together. And knit for! I’m so excited!

We are taking Grace to the pedi on Friday. When we map quested the office, DH said “Hey, thats close to the yarn shop!” A man after my heart! “We should stop there after the appt and pick up some girl yarn for some girl projects.” :heart: I already have my pattern books dog eared, a list of needle sizes, and yarn amounts ready!

Blessed with another miracle,

congrats!!! :heart: :heart:

aaahhh you sound so serene and happy! Congratulations to you, your family, and to that stubborn little girl who wasn’t coming out until she was good and ready for being so lucky!

Your labor sounds like my last one–a total of 43 minutes from arrival at hospital to delivery. She was a “small” (ahem) baby, too, at 8 pounds even.
God bless your DH for planning the trip to the LYS in conjunction with the Dr. appt.
Happy and WARM little ones living at your house…

Congratulations! Nothing like a new, sweet baby in the house!

wow i don’t know what i would do if 8lbs 2oz was the SMALLEST baby i had!!! thats bigger than my biggest!!
congratulations on your big baby!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow what a blessing!!!
you got your christmas present early!

:heart: congrats!!! :heart:

Congratulations!!! :cheering:

Congrats on your newest addition, and the soon-to-be additions to your stash! What a great pedi to locate near a LYS!!!

I wish I would have had 15 minutes of pushing time with my last. Then DH could have parked the car at least, rather than having security page him to move it moments after she was born… My labour was about an hour if that. We raced to the hospital, and I was rushed to my room. Security said he could move the car out of the ambulance bay once I was in my room. The nurse and DH had to undress me, and my water broke as I got on to the bed. I tell the nurse I feel like I gotta push, so she checks to see how dilated I am. After she confirms that I’m 10 cm, out pops Lissa with about 2 pushes. I’m not even sure if her cord was cut when the speaker in my room goes off requesting that my husband go move our car. If he’d moved it as soon as I got in the room, he woulda missed it all! :roflhard:

And where is the picture? Hmm?

Big huge [size=7]CONGRATULATIONS![/size]

My thoughts exactly. :wink: :lol:

:heart: :heart: :heart: WELCOME, GRACE!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

:heart: :inlove: :heart: [color=violet][size=7]CONGRATULATIONS[/size][/color] :inlove: :heart: :inlove:

:heart: :heart:Welcome to the world, beautiful Grace. :heart: :heart:

Congrats, momma! Time to get

:XX: :XX: :XX:



I knew y’all were gona ask for pictures!

Since shrinking pics to post on the forum still evades me. I set up a blog and just threw some pics on.




Awwwww! She’s gorgeous!
I think my favorite is the one with her sister(?) holding her. That’s so precious!


And what a lucky wife you are! :smiley:

Aaaaaaaaw! So little! :inlove: