OT She better not!

aaah but you are assuming that Harry is actually the chosen one! :wink:

(yeah we have talked about this ad nauseum every time a new book or movie comes out and every time she gives any sort of hint! :rofling: )


Well, technically, neither V or HP has had much of a “life” since the night V. tried to kill him.

The key to the puzzle is in Book 6. Notice how, whenever a new wizard world concept is introduced in some innocent way, it becomes really important later on? Portkeys, for example. Metamorphmagi, for another. And now the Horcruxes.

My thought on finishing the last book was that Harry’s scar is the last Horcrux. Lily’s last act of magic managed to keep Harry alive, and somehow the combination of both spells fused two souls in one body.

There’s a neat article in The Harry Potter Lexicon about this as well.

Harry could be moved up to the new head master, since he has been through more in his short life than the older wiser wizards.

I just know that if Rowling kills him off, I am going to shake my fist real hard at her!!!


That’s actually the what my friends and i have sort of concluded too…and we think that is the exact reason why Harry has to die.

Jackie you made me giggle!

Okay… here’s my take on it all…

Harry IS the chosen one… this was made very clear. By Voldemort CHOOSING Harry, he created his nemesis. It could have just as easily been Neville… but he wasn’t chosen…

Dumbledore & Sirius are dead. They ain’t comin’ back. There was a portrait appear of Dumbledore in the headmasters office… ergo… dead.

I don’t know that Harry can die in the last book. It would be hard to re-read the series knowing that in the end, he gets it… just not condusive to a return audience… (plus… would ruin the movie ;))

Ron or Hermoine will die. For it to be truly tragic, it will have to be someone he loves. And while he and Ginny were ‘together’… his strongest bonds are with those two… just because he hasn’t tongued them… :wink:

Neville will surprise everyone. He just will… it’s been building up to that since book 4…

Yes… you’re probably right…

I think Ron’ll die. I could see him risking his life for Harry… or maybe NEVILLE will die. That would be so sad…

And, I dont think she’ll marry Harry and Hermione off… Herm and Ron have been in WUV since they were, like 12!

I’m afraid you will be right on this one. I just don’t understand why authors have to make things tragic. These have been good books for kids and adults both and they make you happy at the end of every one of them. Why leave us sad on the last one? I won’t even read the last book if anyone we have come to love is killed. Believe I’ll hear about it too, since I work in a library.

I read this article too! I hope she doesn’t kill him off! I think it’s a little sad the whole series is coming to an end anyway, but I guess it had to happen some time!

This was an interesting thread!