OT She better not!

J.K. Rowling better not kill off Harry Potter in book 7!!!

That’s all I have to say about that.

Well if she does she’ll probably marry him and Hermoine off first so they can have Son of Harry Potter and she can make a mint selling the next generation of Potter books =P

gotta say…i don’t think there is any way she can finish that series without killing him. my friends and I have talked about it a lot and we are coming to the conclusion that he has to die in order to defeat Voldemort.

:crying: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :crying:

Yeah, I’ve been reading about this, too. I don’t think she has to kill Harry off, BUT if she leaves it open for him to go out from school to fight evil then she also leaves it open for sequels when she’s gone…and she does’t want that. It bites!!! I don’t want the series to end. :frowning:

of course there is the other issue that it isn’t like people are going to stop reading her books if she kills him off… :angelgrin:

honestly the other thing is that other writers aside, i think killing him off keeps her from having to fend off people demanding she continue the story too.


I have never read a book (ok, I have never finished Book 1) or seen a movie. But is Harry old enough to get married now?


Jan…is that a Himmie as your avatar? Looks like a Seal Point.

i believe in book 7 he will be about 17-18-ish

I think she might have to kill him off so that no one can bring him back to life when she’s done with the series.

Anyone read Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan? He’s got to kill off his main character Rand Al’thor in the last book (which I am waiting for). At least J.K. Rowling doesn’t have any possibly terminal diseases like R.J. does. She’ll finish… WoT, on the other hand… and I’ll cry (both for R.J. and his unfinished work).

She is a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll cat. Pretty isn’t she! She’s 15 yrs old now and her name is Marshmallow. They do look similar to Himilayans, but the don’t have the squish face of persian types.

She is VERY pretty!

I had a Himmie in college, she now lives with my old roomate. She was a dollface himmie though…no squishy face.


Awww! Chloe is cute!

Where did you read this? I’m curious as I’ve been waiting to hear SOME news about the next book!


It’s all over in the news, but here is one link.
CNN- Harry Potter

gotta :heart: HP!

My big sister thinks that Harry’s going to have a big showdown with Voldemort. Then he’s going to create the Avadak adava, the living spell, and all the spirits of the people old Voldi-poo killed will come back and help Harry.

But I don’t know what will happen. But I don’t think JK will kill Harry off… that would be so sad :crying:

[b]We (my kids and I) came to the conclusion a long time ago that Harry had to die in order to make sure that Voldemort is dead. However, with the ghost lore she has set up, Harry can always be around to help out when Hermoine and Ron are Headmaster and/or Headmistress of Hogswart. What would Harry do if he reached adulthood? With all the adventures he’s had since he found out who he was, what’s left? :angelgrin:

My youngest son said he’d read the other day that at least two major characters would die in the last book. :thinking: [/b]

Wow, I must of missed that. Wow… hrm… A whole nother year. This is crazy…


But if Harry dies that will go completely against the prophasy (sp?). Neither can live while the other survives. So if Harry dies, Voldemort will live, but if Harry lives, Voldemort survives. The prophasy wouldn’t be true if they both died…

Then again, I’m still in denile that Dumbledore and Sirius died, so don’t mind me…[/quote]