OT Shape Note Singing in North Hampton

I had a great time today seeing shape note singing for the first time. It was very uplifting and energizing and I had a chance to see Amy again and to meet Karen, Jerry and Sheldon.

can you explain, somehow, what shape note singing is? I am not familiar with that term.


Amy, our fearless leader here at KH, is a shape-note singer, as is our own Kirochka. Amy has posted a page about it here. It’s very cool!


I followed the link, and had a listen. Exquisitely beautiful harmonics. Tonal quality of the voices is just gorgeous. Deeply spiritual and moving. I loved it.

I truly love music. I love the spiritual/harmonic/vibrational aspects of music. (Personally, my fav is percussion, and spanish/classical guitar.)

Corvair Monza Gt (Concept Car)

I have, as of yet, been unable to attend a shapenote event, but Karen did lend me the DVD which was FASCINATING. I cant imagine what it would be like to stand in the middle of all of that vibration!

SO glad you got to go, Jeremy!

Actually being there does add a whole other dimension to the experience. There really is no audience per se. Everyone picks a spot in the appropriate area for his or her voice range and the singers are arranged in a square. You are literally surrounded with the harmony and actually feel the energy of the singing with your body. Its a very spiritual experience.

Video on Youtube of Amy shape note singing.

I’m so glad you liked the singing, Jeremy! (I can’t get the YouTube thing to play on DH’s computer… I’ll have to watch it later…) DH and I love it, of course (and we love the fact that it’s thanks to Sacred Harp that we met!) - and we’re always so happy to introduce it to people who are able to see what we love about it (and it’s not just the singing itself - the community of singers all over the country is also a wonderful thing to find yourself involved in).

I envy you being so close to Northampton - they sing there every Tuesday night… wish I could go… :pout:

But I’m still so glad we were able to go this past weekend! And it was indeed wonderful to see Amy and LauraT and rosmarinus and to meet Jeremy! :cheering:

(things go to page 2 so easily these days)

Jeremy, I love your description.

It was great to see you, so good of you to make the drive up! :muah:
I hope you can make it to the Singing School next Tuesday. (Others are welcome, email me if you’d like to attend, it’s in Northampton, MA.) It should be an excellent introduction to participating in the music. We only do singing schools once per year or so, and I think the last one was in 2005! It’s a rare opportunity in our area.

For those of you who viewed Jeremy’s video clip, I just want to acknowledge that I’m sure it looks very weird to new eyes, the way I’m moving my hand. The leader of the song stands in the center of the square, and guides the tempo by moving their hand like that, and seated singers often beat with them, to help keep the group together. Also, I was greatly enjoying myself during that song, even though it may not look it! I often have a “concerned” expression when I’m singing. :blush:

By the way, that’s LauraT (an occasional KH’er) sitting one seat past me (to my right).

Karen, so good to see you and Jerry! :muah:

As usual, I didn’t get to say goodbye to you and Sheldon, Amy!!! :pout: Anyway, it was lovely to see you both, and I hope we’ll see you again soon… we’re definitely keeping the Pioneer Valley Singing as a possibility, depending on airfares and such - we miss not going down for Liberty that weekend, but with Camp Fasola now that singing has become a huge zoo… so we may ration our Alabama trips for a different singing (Lookout Mountain in August is a definite… maybe you and Sheldon might make that one? You meet the nicest people there… :wink: ) (like Jerry… :teehee: ).


P.S. I’m in serious depressed mode after leaving Noho… I miss all you guys so much! :pout: :pout:

P.P.S. LauraT, if you’re seeing this, congratulations on a convention well run! :hug: :hug:

:pout: Me too! It’s so hard to come down from Heaven. :pout: I just PM’d you about going down to Liberty this summer! I’m not sure yet, but we want to do the Young People’s again. …We could sing with Angelia again!

Laura, I agree with Karen! Thank you for such a soulful weekend! :heart:
Rosie, if you read this, big kiss. :muah: See you tomorrow!

Jeremy, I’m so sorry we didn’t get a shot with you and Karen and I! :doh: You even suggested it, but we got so caught up in the singing…

Liberty is the same weekend as the Pioneer Valley… the Young People’s is at Fuller, in Ider, the last weekend in July, and we do hope we can get there, if not for the Young People’s, then at least for the Lacy Memorial the next day… as I PM’d, I’m not yet sure what singings we’ll manage this summer, but Lookout Mountain in August is the only definite!

[Jeremy, I’m so sorry we didn’t get a shot with you and Karen and I! :doh: You even suggested it, but we got so caught up in the singing…[/quote]

Thats ok. I really had lots of chances but got carried away with all the activity going on. :hug:

Just incase you all are still watching this thread (haven’t been here in a while what with baby, and parents here). Hi Karen, sorry I didn’t really say hello properly all weekend. So much going on. But, :cheering: convention! I was glad to see you there. Did you make that sweater you were wearing on Saturday?

We haven’t been to a singing in the south in a few years now and after watching Awake My Soul are itching for a trip even more.

I thought it was this year that the Young People’s fell the weekend before the Labor Day Singing, but that would be end of August wouldn’t it (I still haven’t learned all the US holidays)? That would’ve made it even more tempting. Not sure how tempting it is to road trip with baby though… (Or taking the baby to sing in the middle of a forest with no plumbing available for that matter).

:waving: Hi, Rosie! Since the formula for the Young People’s is… uh, whoops, second fifth Sunday, is it? Third? I can’t remember! OK, I just checked the directory, and it is in July this year (but I still don’t know what the formula is…) Do you know if a lot of Northampton-area people are planning to be there for it this year? That would be added incentive for us!

You’re so sweet! No, I didn’t make the sweater I was wearing - but I did make the one Jerry was wearing. :wink: That’s my first and only sweater so far (I’ve only been knitting for just over a year). Jerry is so cute: I think he deliberately wears it where people who know I knit will see it. :heart:

By the way - I adore the photo of you and Marian that Jessica Beer has linked to the WMSHC website. It’s just gorgeous!

Hope to see you and Matt and Marian at a singing soon!

I believe the formula for the young people’s is the saturday before the first ftfth sunday after the fourth of july. Nice and simple… So I guess that means in 2008 it’ll be Labor Day Weekend again.

I’m not sure who is planning to go this year. Haven’t heard plans yet.

I love Jessica’s picture of me and Marian too. The one of Marian everyone at the Tuesday night sing is crazy about is this one that Sheldon took, because it looks as though she’s leading. (She’s modelling knitwear made for her by my mum. It is good to wear things like that where they’ll be appreciated. The only sweater I’ve made for Matt I wear because the neck’s tight – this is why patterns are often a good idea.)

I think this was one of my favorite moments of the weekend, I’m glad Sheldon caught it. (Sheldon, if you see me talking about you here, that’s one I’d love a copy of!)

Rosie, I just remembered - on the Saturday of WMSHC I was actually wearing a scarf I made! :doh:

Marian is so photogenic! The camera really does just love her… :inlove: