OT. sewing


i tried sewing at school, and want to start learning again. does anyone know anywhere online i can learn the basics to sew (like on here with knitting).

i have a mechiene already, just need an easy pattern and material :smiley:



The power of a Google search cannot be underestimated.

Home sewing association
You can make it
Beginner sewing tips and projects
Hip Sewing
Sewing Basics
There were a lot more, too.

Hello there. I love to sew. The following site has lots of nice and easy pattern links, plus some links for learning. (Just scroll about halfway down the page.)

thank you so much. i will have a good look around all the sites and see what i can do/learn.

i made a skirt about 12 years ago (i must have been about 12 at the time). so i need to really learn again. i have done hand sewing (which i love to do).

thanks again