OT: sewing/shirring

I am trying to shirr the top of a sundress using elastic thread in the bobbin and regular thread in the needle. I found a video on the technique craftser.org, but when my fabric goes through the machine it is not shirring at all.

Has anyone done this? Ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


Well, I have never actually done this exact thing, but when I put something through the machine to gather it, the threads have to be adjusted so that it bunches up. I would hold onto the elastic and gently slide the fabric around. Otherwise, if it’s supposed to shirr on the machine, make sure the fabric you are using isn’t too heavy, your stitch length is set longer than usual, the tension isn’t too tight, and you’re only sewing one layer of fabric. That’s the best I can do, sorry.

Does the shop where you bought the sewing machine have someone who could help? When I bought mine the shop suggested using it for a while then coming back for one-on-one tuition, so they must have someone knowledgeable there.