OT - Senior Prom

Hello my friends! I just had to post a photo here of my son and his girlfriend, getting ready to go to the prom.

I’m sure that the rest of you have some prom pictures of your own!

Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers and hope that they enjoy the evening (safely).

They look great, love her dress! The one on the girl in the background is pretty too.

What a handsome fellow, his date is beautiful, and the weather looks quite agreeable as well!

Hope they have a safe and enjoyable time!

:smiley: I love the photo…quite a good looking couple! I do hope that they have a very safe & fun time :wink:

They look wonderful! I’m sure they’ll have a great time!

I agree, of course…they are a GORGEOUS couple!

The weather is perfect today also. The sun is shining, white puffy clouds in the sky. You couldn’t ask for a prettier day.

Thanks for all the good wishes. :slight_smile: