OT: send a message in a bottle

or just wait and you can read one and respond.


I had the luck of finding two bottles in a very short period of time. I’m addicted!



OMGosh, that’s so cool!!!

EDIT, okay, since I signed into KH and saw this I’ve clicked back a few times and have now received and sent on 2 messages from Europe…this is pretty cool…could be addictive.
Make that 3 messages…

I love it! Thanks for sharing

Okay so i decide to check it out and i find someone who says they have met so many losers in their life that they have decided to focus only on hot men with a British or Australian accent. :roll:

Sorry, but that’s too funny, bren :roflhard: :rofling:

I got a quote by Rush Limbaugh :ick:

I know huh? freaks!

I got a quote by Rush Limbaugh

aaaah if ONLY you could send a message directly back! :whistle:

I got a quote by Rush Limbaugh

aaaah if ONLY you could send a message directly back! :whistle:[/quote]

I would have to use too much paper to fit in the bottle. :wink:

Ooh THAT is really cool - I’ve sent several (all mention knitting and the UK - we have to promote our craft!!) waiting to see if I get any tho :wink:

lol, my mom sent me the same link via e-mail yesterday. how odd.

I wait and I wait… and no bottles.


ROFL! Okay, I just found a bottle. It read:

“I hope to have sex with a younger man. :)”

Heh. Don’t we all?

a watched pot never boils. i found out yesterday if you open it and then do other stuff by the time you remember that the window is open there will be a bottle waiting for you! :thumbsup:

This is what the bottle I just got says:

Once a cobra bit Chuck Norris’ leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.

A friend of mine in Maine found a REAL message in a bottle while I was visiting her (about 5 years ago). It was from someone in Florida! Talk about a long distance for a bottle to travel! They included their email address, so my friend sent them an email about recieving it. :smiley:

I am totally additcted to this site…I will stop posting but I had one more that struck my funny bone for some reason. Probably because while I seem to age more every day, my sense of humor and stayed at a consistant age of 5 years old.

You know reminicent of that great line in Dazed and Confused (uttered by Matthew McConnagh) I keep getting older, and they just stay the same age…

Have you ever met a little kid that was so cute you just wanted to squeeze them til they poped? Poped, not pooped, poped. Like a balloon.