OT - Selfpity whine

DH and I have finally decided 100% to get another dog. We have debated this issue for a good 6 months. So yay! except for one minor problem :rollseyes: there are only 2 dogs we like 1) is the Rottweiler… but I think the house is just to small. And we don’t have a fenced yard. 2) is a Chinese crested… which of course is a freaking rare breed so there are never any (well around here anyway) for adoption/rescue and buying one is going to be $1000+ and I just don’t think I can pay that will all the homeless dogs in the world. Plus DH thinks they are ugly so I don’t know that he is too terribly upset about not finding one.

So I will continue to check petfinder obsessively. :frowning:

Isn’t petfinder the greatest??!!! That is how I found Bodhi (the golden color one). Our second dog, Loki, came from a breeder, but only because we couldn’t find an appropriate rescue after a couple of months of looking.

It is great for Bodhi to have a “little brother”…they play together all the time. Truth be told though, the pup is driving me a little crazy right now! He is almost 8 months and going through that “terrible twos” stage of puppyhood. Enjoy the quiet while you can!

Kemp, I cant see the picture. I wanna see the cutie puppies :crying:

[color=indigo] :thinking: I must say, that you really can’t beat a precious :angelgrin: mini doxie! We :heart: our Sally (I promise I can’t remember if we spell her name sallY or sallIE…but don’t tell her…she would be very upset :crying: ). She’s LOTS of fun & is very, very funny :roflhard: ALL of the time. I promise that she understands everything we say (so we spell some things…) and she certainly talks back in her own definite doxie speak; it’s quite distinctive indeed. She is a joy in our lives…A definite must have!![/color]

you can have my chow for $300.!!! :smiley:

hmmm :thinking:, not sure what that was about. It was showing when I previewed it. Anyway, I uploaded again so you can see my petfinder.com “find”. He is a cutie!

Sally is a cutiepie and she probably doesn’t get stuff off the counters! :slight_smile:

Thank you, we think she’s cute, too…obviously…lol! And, no, she surely canNOT reach the counters but she can hoover anything you drop on the floor in a very quick second!! And, Kemp, your babies are adorable, not quite the ‘lap dog’ as Sally…but I bet they don’t know that…lol!

Take a Dog Finder test to find the breed that’s right for you. It’s fun too! :slight_smile:

Well that wasn’t much help! I said I did not want a dog with high grooming needs… so what dog did it reccomend? A Maltese!

Heh. That’s because all you have to do is attach a broom handle to his collar and use him as a mop. You’ll clean the floor and your dog at the same time!

Nik…finding a dog is like making a new friend. Why dont you visit a few shelters & just see if you meet someone with whom you & DH “click”? You are still taking a chance within a breed…they can have certain TENDENCIES, but they will still have their own personalities. I mean, you can SAY “I like ALL knitters” but there must be SOMEONE here who irks you a smidgen…

Go MEET puppies and fall in love with one!

:open_mouth: You’d get rid of your chow?

~Dot, who misses her chow horribly even after two years

:open_mouth: You’d get rid of your chow?

~Dot, who misses her chow horribly even after two years[/quote]

yeah… hes just not the type of dog i want. what did you like about yours? what happened to it?

See… here is the thing with that. I would to. But I know me. I have now put my mind to the fact that I want a C. crested. Nothing else will do :roll: We have been to a few shelters but nothing appealed to me. But I will keep searching and looking. You never know!

On the bright side I did find one from a rescue group. I submited an application so we’ll see. Getting a dog from a rescuse group like that is kind of the equivilant of adopting a human.

Actually, ALL shelters have more strict application processes these days…they want to make sure that their dogs find GOOD homes with the RIGHT kind of family who will love them FOREVER. It is sad that so many folks DONT look at pet-ownership as a serious lifelong commitment! (The life of the animal, of course…) Dogs that get tossed from home to home develop behavioral issues. Shelters then have to spend more of their donors’ dollars to house and re-adopt those pets, which becomes harder because of aforementioned behavioral issues, and of course, for that period of time, lose a space that might have saved another dog’s life.

And, when I say the “right” family, I mean one that is appropriate to deal with that specific animal’s quirks and tendencies…a couple in their 80’s, for instance, probably wouldnt be able to deal with the needs of an energetic border collie. They would end up unhappy (and so would the dog) because the dog wouldnt get the exercise it needed and would probably develop destuctive ways of expressing that energy and boredom. A busy family with little ones might not have the time to deal with all the grooming needs of a Lhasa Apso. A person in an apartment wouldnt have the room for a Great Dane. A very “neat and clean” person wouldnt be happy with a slobbery Saint Bernard, or a dog that sheds. See what I mean?

I would bet that something like the above happened to Cpolitte…somehow, she didnt know what she was getting into? Or maybe someone gave her a puppy as a gift & made a poor choice of breed?

Here’s me…getting down off of my soapbox! :shifty:

When my daughter got our current cat from the shelter, the woman asked her about previous pets. When dd told her that our cat and died at the age of 21, the woman interviewing her actually asked, “From what?”

Actually, ALL shelters have more strict application processes these days…they want to make sure that their dogs find GOOD homes with the RIGHT kind of family who will love them FOREVER.

No, sadly not all shelters do. The few I have visited here screening process were basically “Do you rent? and do you have a fenced yard” :rollseyes:

When I am talking about a screaning process… I am talking about home visits, references, and back ground checks! I don’t mind… but still it is a long process.

I remember people asking me if I was going to keep my dog after I had the baby… WTF? Of course I was. A**hats!

Are there any Chinese Crested rescue shelters in your area? My parents adopted 3 of their 4 Cocker Spaniels that way. Not only did the dogs get saved, and placed in a loving home, but they also keep my Mom occupied.

My boy was 18 and he died two years ago.

I just grew up with him and loved him so much. He would growl at my daddy if I were being yelled at, heee. He would walk EVERYWHERE with me. When I was learning to drive he would sit on my front seat with his seat belt on. He was aloof sometimes [but not with me!], he didn’t have much patience for babies ["no, he doesn’t bite, but if you think just because he looks like a teddy bear you can yank on his ears and tail I will bite you]. He was always messier than I would have liked, since he would only let me groom for so long before my wrists were in his mouth and the look on his face said, “you can stop now.”

He rarely barked [as per the breed] but when/if he did we knew it meant business.

Oh the hugs! Oh the honey eyes! Oh the purple tongue!

He died three days before my cousin died of brain cancer. And when I found out about her I literally had no tears left to cry that day.

The only thing I lament is I never got his fur spun into yarn. [didn’t find out I could even do that until last year]

Some months later my dad came home with a chihuahua. [There he is with today with his two favorite toys] But it’s just not the same. And he’s not my dog.

Can you tell what type of dog is the first I’m getting when we get our home?

cpolitte, did you want a less-independant dog? or what is it about your baby or the breed you didn’t like?