OT: School Screwed! UPDATE

Ugh! I need to vent… so thanks in advance to listening!

I am going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. I was deciding between two schools. University of Cincinnatti Distance Learning for Women’s Health NP and the University of New Hampshire for Family NP.

I really liked the UC program because it was Women’s Health… which is my love, but it’s down side was it was online. UNH was local and traditional classroom (which I do well in) but was Family NP and not crazy about the pediatric portion.

So I applied to both and thought about it. Got accepted into both… but UC was quick in their response. I knew that UNH was were I was leaning to because it was local and traditional classroom. So I declined UC, and awaited acceptance to UNH.

HOWEVER, my acceptance letter to UNH failed to mention a detail that would have been important to know when making decisions. Yesterday I got a letter from UNH detailing the fall semester, etc. It stated that I was accepted part time, not full time as I applied. The original acceptance letter failed to mention this.

I planned to go to school (regardless of which one) full time, because I want to get done with it ASAP. I didn’t want to drag out school because my husband and I want to start a family but don’t want to add children to the equation until I was done with school, and he would be locked in his job due to benefits until I finished. (And he’s not happy where he is right now). The children thing is the most important factor as neither of us are spring chickens. I am 30 and he is 40. I also have a medical condition that puts me at risk for infertility, and the risk increases each year. So the longer I wait, the lower the chance we get pregnant.

Anyhow, so now I’m back at square one… I have to reapply to UC, because they did have a full time option. Actually, now that I think of it, that was the only option.

I could scream right now!!!


I’m so sorry to hear about your administrative nightmare! If you’re alone in the house, go ahead and scream, it’ll get it out of your system. After you’re done, a letter or phone call to UNM might not be out of place!

Best of luck to you,

You might consider contacting UC and seeing if they will reinstate your acceptance. Many online courses allow you to accelerate your learning schedule and complete the courses quicker. That might be a consideration for your situation.

Online courses can really be great. I took several of them and found I really enjoyed them and, if anything, learned more. I was able to concenrate my time on areas that I needed and not on areas that others may need.

OY! how sad for you. I’m kinda pissed at higher Ed right now myself. I’m a doctoral program for Education. I started years ago and was pregnant at the begining. It was actually easier for me to do part time and have the baby. Baby would go to classes with me and sleep. i could study with baby slepp on my lap. By the time I’m done I’ll be looking for work and won’t have to worry about him cuz he’ll be old enough to be wanting to do his onw thing and won’t need me so much so the I can focus on myself. I don’t know if this idea appeals to you but just want you to know that there are others out there suffering through the whole education vs baby thing too. Good luck!

Oh no! I would consider contacting UC and explaining that what happened and see where it goes.

Is there a possibility of UNH becoming full time at some point? Maybe it’s just that semester that is crowded?

Well, I just spoke to someone in admissions at UC, and they said that their offer of acceptance still stands! Woo Hoo! So I guess that is what I am going to do.

I think I might wait the weekend before contacting UNH again. I did speak with them this morning about the part time issue, and told them I was very unhappy about this, and that I wished I knew that full time was not an option even though that it seemed to be when I applied. Apparently they just don’t get enough graduate students to run the program part time. So why don’t they give that information ahead of time???

Well, things always happen for a reason, don’t they? I ended up going to a nursing school that I originally didn’t want to attend. However, I went there for financial reasons and it turned out to be the best education. ANd now I even work there as an instructor. So… I will take it as it was meant to be.

But I still could scream!

Ok, I feel better about this now that it’s been a few days… no more screaming needed.

So I am definately going to do the program at UC. I haven’t told UNH that I am changing my mind yet… but I haven’t given them any money either so no big deal at the moment.

Do you think that I should write a letter to the Dean about how I feel they misled applicants in regards to their program? I wouldn’t be nasty, but I do want them to know how I feel!

ANd of course, now my husband and mother (who are always in cahoots with each other!) are telling me they never thought UNH was a good choice, etc etc. I wish they had said something to me before all of this!

Yes, I certainely would. Even if you don’t get a response, it would be a good thing to do. It’d give you a chance to express yourself, and, in a perfect world, it might have them re-thinking things.

:doh: NOW they tell you!

Hang in there!

I think you should write UNH a letter that details how they misinform people of the program. I would make it a very matter of fact letter, telling them that you are declining to attend because of “X” and that the information they provide to prospective students does not adequately outline the details of the program.

It’s good that your family agrees with this decision instead of the other way around. Aren’t families silly? :wink:

Yes, families are silly…

I guess they thought I wouldn’t listen to them anyhow. They might be right there…

I agree, write that letter. Send it to the Dean of the program, but I would also send copies to the president of UNH, and anyone else in a position of higher authority there, maybe the alumni association. Things like this could give UNH a bad name, and they should know about it. Now on a more personal note, good for you going for your N.P., my DH and I both have had N.P.'s on our health-care teams and we love them! The level of care and attention to the little details they have provided to us at different times have literally been lifesaving. Please keep us posted on how you’re doing.

Well, I called UNH again today to give my “official” notice of withdrawal. It was extremely easy… I just spoke to someone in graduate admissions and it was done.

But here is the letter I am sending to the Chair (and CC’d it to the Dean of Graduate School):

[i]Dear Professor Ament,

I am writing to further explain my withdrawal of acceptance to the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at UNH. When I submitted my application to the program at the end of April 2006, my request was for full time status. My desire to be a full time student throughout the program was based on several personal factors. My understanding was that this was an option within your program, and as you can see in the enclosed email we exchanged, we did discuss full time status. Given your reply to my question regarding full time students changing their status to part time if needed had further led me to believe full time was an option.

So as you can imagine, I was very surprised to read in a letter dated June 30, 2006 that I had been admitted part time and then full time once clinicals were to begin. When I spoke to Jane Dufresne it was explained to me that the Family and Adult Nurse Practitioner Programs no longer have full time options, and that my projected graduation date was Spring 2009. This is one year later than I anticipated.

I do not know if this is a recent change, but I would have appreciated being informed of this either during the application review process when full time was seen as written on my application, or within the first admission letter from the Dean of the Graduate School when I could have made an informed decision at that time.

I would also respectfully suggest that this be advertised on your website and/or literature. I am sure that full time and part time status would be an important decision to other prospective students. Had I known of this earlier I would not have applied or accepted admission to UNH. This would have also saved me from reapplying to my other school choice, as I initially declined their acceptance.


So I hope this gets my point across and make them aware of their “false advertising”![/i]

That looks great to me! Good luck!

You go, girl! I can’t believe they misinformed you like that. And they wonder why they can’t get enough grad students . . . :thinking: