OT---satellite map images

Has anyone else gotten a chance to try this? It is surprisingly accurate! Just click the google maps link and type in your address. Voila! Your house via satellite. Pretty cool! (I love to geek out about this kind of stuff though…I can’t guarantte it will be as exciting for you :rollseyes:)

That is kind of cool… but at the same time kind of creepy in a Big Brother, ‘Enemy of the State’ kind of way…

:thinking: My address must me a new street b/c there’s no satalite image for mine. But then again. There are a LOT of trees around me. :thinking:

I guess part of the price we pay for all the advantages that satellite images bring us.

I was thinking the same thing!!! :hiding: But hey - at least that zoom button doesn’t zoom so well to see the cars on the road. :wink: Or does it but we just don’t have the tranzalition xenocrobic micro-modulator… :oo:

If you think that’s cool, try Google Earth. And check out the Grand Canyon, in 3D!!!

That was pretty close for my house but not completely accurate… it did get down to the street level ok but I had to alter the search a little bit to even get it to that level… when it pointed out the house, it came up with one of my neighbor’s houses down the street.

I never bothered with Google Earth because it requires you download a program.

These satellite images are old. My parents house still shows trees and they have not had any since Hurricane Ivan a year ago.

The concept is cool though! My house was not an acurate address, but we found it.

Some of the images are a little outdated. The one of my campus doesn’t have a building that was finished over two years ago! Though now I know that it used to be a parking lot. Weird.

My neighborhood has been around for 10 years, but apparently to Google Maps, my address doesn’t even exist…I don’t know whether I should be elated or sad :thinking: