OT: Rit Dye

I just had a cleaning frenzy moment (rare these days) and cleaned my kitchen in a way that makes it look as though I’m afraid the health department might come for an inspection or something…in the process I see that I’ve gotten bleach on the shirt I’m wearing which is one of my nursing tops and I REALLY like it. Could I use something like Rit to try and dye back that one spot? I’ve never used Rit dye except for when I was a kid making tye-dye shirts…The shirt is solid brown–dark brown–a chocolate color. Think it’d work??

Go get a Clorox Bleach Pen.
Put plastic wrapped cardboard inside the shirt.
Draw a fun design on the shirt, incorporating the bleach stain.
Let it sit long enough to bleach out a design, then rinse by dunking the whole shirt in a sink full of water, then launder.

I did this on a blue teeshirt that I splashed bleach on…
Look here. :slight_smile:

Silver–I want to look at your like but when I click on it it says the connection was refused…is your site down or is it here on my end???

WOW thats cool!!!

If I splash bleach I just through the whole shirt in a bucket with slightly diluted value bleach, 21p from the supermarket for 3 litres - and either bleach the whole thing or stir it around every minute for ten mins to get a blotchy pattern.

I like Silver’s idea better, but I don’t think they sell bleach pens over here - and there is no way I could draw something that cool!

i think if you dyed the whole shirt it might still be noticeable. i do know that joanns (and probably most craft stores) carries fabric dye pens, which would mean you could apply dye to just the spots affected!
check out this!

yea…I don’t think I can draw anything cool either…:frowning: I’m sad b/c I really love this shirt and nursing wear is difficult to come by around here!

I’ll see if I can find those pens somewhere–it’s worth a shot–thanks for telling me about them…

And btw–I was going to use the rit to dye only the bleached spot–not the whole shirt! :slight_smile:

Okay Silver–I just got to that picture and HOLY COW!! That is so awesome and there is no way in heck I could do something that awesome!!! Now dh draws but he’d just think I was nuts if I asked for his help…

I can just see myself being talented enough to create the design you did over your faux pas, Silver…NOT. That’s awesome! :notworthy:

That is AWESOME Silver! :notworthy: Great idea!

As for bleach spots… :doh: I finally stopped cleaning the kitchen in my good clothes. Way too dangerous!

I’m w/ you Jan–I never do but today I had to take ds to his doctor’s appt and when I got home he was napping…It was one of those “every second counts” moments and I didn’t even think to change…:frowning:

I used Rit dye on a black sweater once that I got a bleach spot on. I dyed the whole thing and it didn’t make the bleached spots totally black but it was a lot better than it was. :shrug:

Thanks knitqueen–that’s kind of what I’m hoping for. I can’t actually dye the whole shirt b/c it’s made to look like two layers–it’s a brown short sleeve henley w/ long cream sleeves under it…it’s not just sleeves either–since it’s a nursing shirt–the cream layer is the part that has the slits cut in it . I’m really thinking about looking for those dye pens that someone mentioned above and see if I can color in just the one spot. Even if the brown isn’t exactly the same shade–it’s gotta be less noticeable than the bleached spot.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always consider sewing on some type of applique, such as a butterfly, or a bumblebee or something.

Well thank you everyone, but it was really nothing. I just found a piece of tattoo art that I liked and copied it. It’s not like I came up with that dragon on my own.

If you don’t want to draw something fancy, you could just do hearts, or squiggles, spirals, polka dots or curly-q’s. Anything really, so long as it looks like you did it on purpose! :slight_smile:

[color=indigo]Perhaps a purchased applique could be tacked over it to cover it up if the pens, dye doesn’t work. Keep the pens handy. They often wash out or fade in the wash. You may need to redo it after every wash.[/color]

What about a brown permanent marker? They sell them in all different colors these days.

Good luck, Cristy.

no matter what you do it is going to be noticeable. there is little doubt that whoever made your shirt didn’t use something that will match a dye lot from RIT. You might be able to get close but it is unlikely that it will blend.

I’ve used that method with some success on a favorite gray t-shirt that had gotten a bleach spot. After washing, the spot would show again and I’d just reapply the color with little dabs of the pen. It’s doubtful that you’d get a perfect match, but it should be less noticeable. You could also just try dying the whole thing a really dark color.

dh has told me just to by another shirt–I hate to do that but if he insists… :shrug: