OT-Ridiculous Work Things

I am constantly amused by the e-mails we get at my part time job. I also like to entertain people with them. Sometimes they do require some thought as to why they are funny but not always. I got one today which is one of my favorites because we get it at least once a month and it just never seems to get old.

[color=brown]I am looking for solar lights or lanterns I can use indoors. Any ideas?[/color]

I know that I am not alone in the ridiculous things that happen at work…whatcha got?

(btw…if that e-mail was from one of you…sorrrrrrrry :teehee:)

I guess it’s sort of funny to think of an indoor solar lamp, but I actually don’t think it’s too outrageous. Practically speaking, I could imagine a lantern that you leave outside to charge during the day but that could be brought in at night. It might look a little odd to put it say, in a formal living room, but I could see it working for a screened porch or enclosed patio. :shrug:

I’m being a downer, aren’t I? (Sorry!) Well, I can’t think of any stories of my own to swap at the moment. But my funny bone could use a little tickling (obviously), so everyone please share! :stuck_out_tongue:

I work for a credit card company… this is one we get from someone almost on a daily basis… there are over 150 of us in my department…

“If you would let me take a cash advance out on my card I would pay the past due”

Ok… they are past due, they don’t have the money, yet they want us to loan them more money to pay us money they don’t have…

(ok I do understand being overextended, and emergencies… I’m talking about people who run up large bills at restaurants, cash advances, etc. then can’t pay )

oh no…that is always the instruction I give them but most times we get e-mails back from them about not wanting to do that much work and wanting one they can leave indoors all the time.

heh…see now that’s someone who hasn’t thought it through and won’t get it until they are off the phone. You have to get out charts and graphs for that person!

lol… no… they can’t understand why since “IT"S MY CARD”, they can’t pay when they want, how they want or amount they want. They actually think they have the right to borrow more money, when they can’t make their payment. They may have credit available, and we’re being mean by not letting them use it.

You would be surprised at the amount of people who do not understand finance charges,… they request that to be removed as they didn’t “authorize that”

No wonder so many have credit card problems. The credit card companies hold all the ace’s and the cardholder only has a pair of 2’s. It is really sad.

censored rant here :wall: :wall: :wall:

okay I just read another e-mail from someone who got the wrong order for christmas. i am more than a little irritated with her scolding of how bad it is for us to do business like this (like we do it on purpose hoping they won’t notice) but i can’t help but be amused by her plight. Let this situation be a warning to you all…lol

[color=brown]I am writing in regard to my order for (1) AT1350-1 Ltd. Edition Mini Three Nutcracker Dancers. We received in error,I hope, Three wisemen ornaments. My children were very disappointed yesterday when they opened the box from Santa. I wish I had opened the shipping box myself to check the order beforehand, but we were trying to fool them by leaving in the box. They get a new mini nutcracker each year for their collection, from Santa.[/color]

Now I never want Santa to be ruined for anybody but SERIOUSLY…OPEN THE PACKAGE TO BE SURE IT IS WHAT YOU ORDERED!!! :wall: btw…had the package fully a week before Christmas. Not sure we could have fixed it in that time but certainly would have had a shot at it! :roll:

(umm…and don’t scold me about how terrible we are…there are a lot of bad businesses out there but we aren’t one of them and i get very territorial when people are being mean about my company! ROOOOOAR!)

I don’t think that’s so silly. Even indoors, sunlight pervades inside on sunny days. It’s plausible that a solar light exists that can make use of that (admittedly dimmer) indoor daylight. If I wanted to know whether this were in fact the case, I would contact a company selling solar-powered lights. Who better?
You don’t have to be thick to be unaware of whether solar-chargers require direct sunlight or not. Especially since direct sunlight, as well as indirect, reaches inside.
Now those people who think others have an obligation to lend them money… I periodically see current-affairs shows displaying the plight of some person or family being charged very high interest rates. Hello? You signed a piece of paper stating that you agreed to this interest rate. It’s legal, and you agreed to it.
But to listen to these debtors whinging, you’d think the credit card company stuffed money down their throats at gunpoint and obtained their signatures under duress.

Not an email, but my DH works in a college bookstore with a few art supplies available. He’s favorite funny question is when the little sorority girls come in and ask “Do you have styrofoam balls?”



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My dd used to work for Hilton for years in their IT department. Their IT department is headquartered here in Memphis or was at that time. She solved problems with computers of the different hotels. They would call and say they were having problems and she would connect to their computers and fix it etc etc. You have to understand, she is doing this not being in the hotel but from the headquarters so she is basically doing it blind so to speak. This is absolutely the God’s honest truth that the problem that occurred more than any other was a black screen that they couldn’t boot up. The first time it happened, my dd was a novice at the stupidity level and she said she spent a good hour trying to get the problem fixed. She would do one thing and “No, it still isn’t working,” then another and “no that’s not helping,” etc, etc. I guess after she had tried everything she said to the front desk clerk, "The computer is ON isn’t it??? Yep, you guessed it, it wasn’t turned on! She said that happened allllll the time!

My husband is an electronics engineer for the city. He works for the waste water treatment plant fixing their programmable logic etc. He is always getting ??? about different stuff that flows through the plant like tampons for God’s sake, like he stands there and watches! You would not believe the strangers that he meets when they ask him what he does asks him that ??? Why would you want to know that, anyway??? People are so flaky!