OT: Retail therapy of a different kind

After the debaucle(s) earlier this week, I decided to get some things done to my my bicycles. I have two bikes: Pack Mule and Fun Bike. Pack Mule is my low-end hybrid I bought 10 months ago. Fun Bike is a 20 year old mountain bike I got for free from my friend, I have gotten lots of work done on it since then.

Anyway, i got “faster” tires put on Fun Bike, plus metal peg pedals (so my shoes don’t slip off) and added a Bike PC. Pack Mule got an upgraded Bike PC and new drink cages.

Next week, Pack Mule is getting mountain bike metal peg pedals, too.

That’s Fun Bike, Fun Bike was kind of a wreck when I got her, now she’s pretty and goes like stink! :cheering: :yay: :heart:

BTW this is Pack Mule, in his natural environment:

He now has matching red and black drink cages (x2).

The image is too large Noob… click the link in my sig to find the appropriate sizes. :thumbsup:

Cool bikes!

Thank you! They aint much, but they’re my babies, plus they take me where I wanna go (I’m an urban cyclist/commuter.) :smiley:

Many people around here bicycle. It’s rather dangerous considering most of the roads out here barely two lane and they insist on riding in the mornings and afternoons. for that reason alone our bikes sit out in the garden shed.

A, that’s a shame…bikes are meant to be ridden. :frowning: Lots of cycling infrastructure here though.

You’re welcome. With my new “slick” tires I broke 50 km/h going down a hill on Fun Bike today. I could have gone faster but red lights etc. First time I broke that speed barrier. So happy. I nearly hugged my bike after locking her up at school. :smiley: